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  1. RIP Marcel 😪 had I known earlier I would have drove up from Huahin, but learned only last night. met him back in 2000, great times were had.... and last time we had a chance encounter 3-4 years ago in Bangkok thanks for all the owrk you did, you will be missed.
  2. wow memory lane...... now 2 years + in HH and still love it
  3. errr.... just from my little experience here in Huahin..... if you have a yellow book, no need for embassy or even immigration letter.... just your DL + yellow book + patience in the queue.... BB still here after all those years.....
  4. dont forget the watch The First.... season 1 is 8 episodes about going to Mars...... top
  5. I know of at least one Duch guy growing roses in the CNX region for export, so yes. BB
  6. 2) TravelerCheques that still exists ? mekong = PUI ???? so many typos
  7. hold on.....no social security, no taxes.....just € 10 / hour black ? tss tss on you Buffboy my last car in Belgium was an X5, and like all X5, built in the US of A BB
  8. way below normal wages tss tss tss
  9. just google your way on the internet, not only russian tv, but keep on sleeping till its too late
  10. hahahaha and reverting to insults hahahaha
  11. like I wrote on FB yesterday in another debate : it looks like when people run out of arguments, they resort to personal insults.......tss tss and who ever won an argument online ? BB
  12. he, I like your post as well but at least I know that Europe is lost........ BB
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