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Silom Dental - Review

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I needed some periodontal (gum) work done and also had to have a root canal on a back molar. Having seen what a good job Thailand dentists did for me replacing a gold crown and bridge (at Thantakit), my own Dentist in the US suggested I get the work done during my next Thailand trip as I'd save thousands of dollars. :worship:


Thantakit was good but they didn't have any in house Periodontists - only one that visited once a week so I simply did Google Searches to find a Dental Clinic in Bangkok that had multiple specialists - I found Silom Dental's Web site.


I did search here looking for any reviews but apparently no one here ever went there so I decided I'd write one up for the benefit of others after my trip.


Fisrt of all they do have an excellent Web site, filled with good data and even have video testimonials from former patients. They do indeed have many specialists who are also listed and you can even see where they got their degrees (most from Western schools).


They give you a "general Dentist" to coordinate your visits and work during your stay and mine was so young and pretty I couldn't wait to see her again on future visits... :devil:


Silom Dental is pretty close to Patpong and I foolishly took a Taxi there 1st couple of times - turns out they are only a half block from the Chong Non-Si Sky Train station so getting there from Jasmine Suites took only about 15-20 minutes by Sky Train.


Well over the course of 7 visits I got all my work done. They have morning appointments all the way into early evening appointments which fit my partying schedule quite nice. Oddly enough I found getting all those Novocaine shots somehow acted as an aphrodisiac of all things - I was quite randy those nights as the Novocaine wore off. :shhh:


They did excellent work with minimal to no pain whatsoever, and still stocked me up with plenty of pain killers just in case (I never needed a single one). Its quite great to be able to chew again without pain - they also did root planing and scaling and my teeth feel much firmer in my gums now.


I still have a follow up for the Root Canal on my next trip however for the 7 visits and all that work I paid about 12,000 baht all told.


Here is their Web Site: Silom Dental


If you plan to try them out on an upcoming trip its best to send them an email (address on their Web site), explaining what you want to see them for and also telling them the exact dates of your trip. I arrived on a FRI night - they had me in there the very next SAT morning to evaluate what I really needed and then figured how to do that during my stay.


Anyway I liked their work and plan to return again for more. :yay:

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Dude_Le_Rude said:

no go-go dancers there?





or is this review a big euphemism for something else??? :hubba:


Dude, sadly no, but there were several girls working there that I WISHED were GoGo dancers...

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Lusty said:

Brown fox's next post:"Dentists that provide extra's"! ::



Why can I hear Paulie Walnut's voice talking...




"he he he Brown fox's next post:"Dentists that provide extra's"! Did you hear what I said T? I said, Brown fox's next post:"Dentists that provide extra's"! he he he."




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