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Adventures in Facism at Nana Disco!


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Only been once to Nana Disco.......about 6/7 years ago. I thought it was a sh#thole then, and after I heard about the entrance fee I was never tempted back.


But of course back then their were late night DRINKING options (I don't dance ::) - my usual was either Nana till 2/2.30, down to Thermae till 4/4.30 and then a taxi to Patpong to prop up a Beer Bar till the morning arrived and then taxi it back to Suk for a couple of hours kip (the arrival of the Skytrain was great - but I will admit to being so drunk once, I couldn't work out how to get back to Nana Station - THEY kept sending the trains in the wrong direction- so ended up getting a taxi), and then at noon start again at the beer bars in Suk before moving back to Nana. Do that for 6 months a year for several years and it does start to "hurt".


The NSO probably saved my life ::..........although then I did start getting Lockins (my fav. was 3 Roses :)) - but at least I AIMED to get home...........and then they "built" the nightime cattle market / obstacle course down Sukhumvit - If I had 10B for evey stool I fell over walking or fell off sitting down sukhumvit I would be a rich man :o:D :D

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