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10 shot at San Francisco Halloween party


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No ideas on this. I did pass by there...sort of with another board member following dinner, but the shooting was up a few blocks, I do recall hearing ambulances around that time.


That is the heart of the City's gay community, and there are sometimes problems with guys going to "fag bash" but usually nothing like this...Usually, the streets are blocked off to cars, and people parade around in costumes, have drinks, and basically a big street party, not just for gays...



There are also some gang problems that show up at events like this as well. This area is near the Potrero Hill areas, and outer Mission areas, both of which have seen their share of gang violence. (I grew up in the Mission District).


Sad really, I am willing to bet it is just a couple of assholes with too much cheap beer in them, couldn't get laid so decided to shoot off a gun, or have a fight all over "...gettin' my respect..." Assholes. Sadly, it happens all the time around here, it seems young guys these days would rather fight then fuck...

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