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  1. No, she was young. Had been battling cancer for years.
  2. Dr. Ruth, the sex expert died…as did Shannon Dohrety and Richard Simmons and Shelly Duval…bad weekend for old celebs…
  3. An alleged American Comedian named Kathy Griffin made a comment about Trump and posted a picture holding up what was supposed to be his severed head. The secret service swooped in on her and she had to be interviewed by some security detail to make sure she wasn’t a real threat…now with all the Trump jokes, I wonder if they will have time..? Memes like this are funny though…
  4. Watching the Thai series “Bad Boys” on Netflix, pretty good so far…
  5. Biden supposedly said in a speech “…it was time to put Trump in the cross hairs…” so that is being misconstrued to mean Biden called for this…. Trump ran his mouth on May occasion when violence followed, so maybe they are trying to twist it? Kinda like when you point out anyone of his faults and they counter with “well what about Hillary…” as if that makes it all o.k.
  6. Separatist have been claiming this for years and they have wanted it for years. At the end of the day, I think a lot of these white separatist types are all talk and only do their worst when they have someone out numbered…
  7. Not necessarily, and that caliber does weird things especially if it was a full metal jacket, which is most commonly sold for that rifle. High velocity rounds like that vaporize when they hit anything, branches, thick brush, etc. So if it hit his ear as a glancing shot, then it could have cut him up pretty badly. He is damned lucky, 1/2 inch more to the shooters right and yeah, different conversation.
  8. If you look at the pictures/video after the shots, both teleprompters are still intact as is the podium. My understanding is, the teleprompters and podium and “bunting” around the area are all made of bulletproof material. Trump is just damned lucky, others not so lucky. Originally, “eye witnesses” said a woman had been shot in the arm, but all those killed or wounded were male. A lot of rhetoric from the usual online nut job jobs, “…it was the Jews, we want revenge…” “…the shooter worked for Soros…” “…the shooter was a Zionist…” etc… One question that is legitimate is “how the fuck did a guy with a rifle get that close to a former president and current candidate..?”
  9. Trump shot in the ear…usually he shoots his mouth off… 1 dead, 2 wounded, shooter killed…..more details to come…
  10. Overall, how are the rest of the thailand nightlife boards going these days? See remember Bangkok nights Baron bong Bangkok tonight and a few others… I don’t know if any of them are even still around anymore. The same goes for the dedicated Pattaya boards. Either way I’m willing to kick in a few bucks to keep it all going. Who knows there may even be a resurgence at some point.
  11. Trump or Biden for that matter…there are people I’d rather see, but they aren’t running…I liked Bernie Sanders, but Hillary and her ego driven shenanigans got in the way…and she ran a poor/arrogant campaign… When Trump got elected, there was a billboard with George Bush 2 that read “…miss me yet..?” In short, as bad as he was, Trump was actually a bigger embarrassment… People back trump because he is a master manipulator. He tells these rubes what they want to hear. Dave Chappelle did a bit about how the poor white trash felt Trump was going to Washington to represent them…Chappelle, who is black and rich, said “…no, he is going to Washington to represent me…” Biden is a corrupt toss bag and Harris is awful herself. Her career got a boost because she was banging the married mayor of San Francisco, even he thinks she is a hypocrite and a liar…mark my words, *IF* Biden runs and wins, he will not finish the term and Harris will appoint Gavin Newsome, her old boss, as her VP…all a game…
  12. Biden will not last a second term. He will either die or have to be removed. Harris will then become president and she will appoint Gavin Newsome aka Screws’em as her VP and thus will begin his reign. Trump if elected will spend his time trying to pardon himself and dodge more trials. This is a national embarrassment/disgrace. I cannot believe this is the best either side can muster…
  13. I’m in to contribute…
  14. You just reference damned near every John Wayne war movie ever made. The news show 60 minutes did a segment called “Ronald Regan the movie,” where in, they should how many times he referenced movies as historical fact, in in fact what he was referencing was not at all true. There was an atrocity, one of many, that took place in the USA, referred to as try he Rosewood incident. Basically a white woman got beaten up by a guy. She was fucking around with and needed to cover up to lie with her husband, so she said she was beaten up by a black guy who tried to rape her. The whole town went on a rampage and went over to the neighboring town, and started trying to kill every black man and every black person. There’s been a few documentaries about it. Hollywood made a big blockbuster movie about it. That’s sensationalized the whole thing totally distorted the truth and of course the hero was a white guy. If that isn’t offensive, I don’t know what is. Then there’s the movie bridge on the river Kwai , and absolute slap in the face to the people who died building that bridge and the railroad. The list is endless. That’s why I pretty much just try to stick to documentaries these days.
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