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Can a guy resist?


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It would seem the old addage: 'Sit in the barber shop long enough and you will eventually get a haircut' applies here.


Especially since the Barber Shop I go to offers extras.


Let's not confine this topic to only 'the bars' as we all no doubt get continual offers when going about routine-matter-of-fact every day business. I don't deny that the combination of alcohol and ladies in the bars is a potent temptation, but if you stray it isn't the fault of the booze.


Let's face it in Bangkok you could be shopping for bibles, diapers, burkas, hell even wedding bands and get solicited.


Kudos to those who choose to resist and make good.

Kudos to those who choose to partake and find enjoyment.

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Since I have inspired this thread, I would like to put my 2 cents in. I have traveled a lot over the last 15 years, mostly in the US, but some in the UK and some in Africa. In my mind, Saturday night with the 2 sweet ladies is not much different then drunk divorcees I have picked up in numerous bars across the US. Thatâ??s not really true, Saturday night was a lot better. :grin:

As someone else said earlier, I donâ??t consider meaningless sex with strangers to be in conflict with my very secure relationship with my wife. I donâ??t know if she suspects that I regularly have one night stands on my travels, and she gives no indication of wanting to know. Maybe she is out doing the same thing when I am gone. Bottom line is, we love and respect each other and I am very careful to not give any clues. It is easy, since once it sex is over and I am out the door, it is out of my mind and I never think of the woman again. Iâ??m mostly focused on the new job, and Soi Cowboy would seem like it will just be enjoyable perk of the job. :grin: :grin:

In other words, have fun, but be careful and donâ??t hurt anyone, including yourself. :smirk:


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JeffWinston: 'it is out of my mind and I never think of the woman again'


But you do think of it again jeff. You reference it several times on the board, you even structured a whole thread about it.


I think I understand you meant that these liasons niether interfere with, nor compare with the feelings you have for your wife.


Creating boundries on something that you have no control over [how you feel] can be a very dangerous combination in Bangkok. Be sure to take care as things tend to be a little 'different' emotionally here. By all means enjoy yourself.



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Given the recent appearance of one Jeff Winston,his ensuing prosaic questions regarding housing, education etc and then his subsequent revelation regarding his nite of debauchery at SC with a couple of SC "lovelies"...(whether he is for real or not) I would like to put forth the question on a very basic human level "is it possible to completely, 100% resist the nitelife when arriving in BKK with an expat family or in any other form of relationship?"

I knew a former editor of a major magazine here in BKK who arrived with his older yet still aging gracefully Farang wife who it seemed from all appearances gave no indication of becoming unfocused and NEVER after 4 years let anything slip or appeared out of line... Is this humanly possible?

Personally I think not...


I know a guy who spent many years in BKK with his western wife. In all the years he was there, he never slept with a BG once, although he had many a session in the Afterskool naughty boys corner.


He did however once received a BJ from a Katoey but he argues that this does not count as being unfaithful because it wasn't with another women :confused:


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"Let's face it in Bangkok you could be shopping for bibles, diapers, burkas, hell even wedding bands and get solicited."


Now I see why I have only been solicited in bars...I haven't been shopping for bibles, diapers, or burkas. Now I know how to spend the day in Bangkok later this week....

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