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  1. The tits that is I should add. I completely forget what the faces looked like.
  2. When you travelled to Syria and if you went through Damascus airport did you ever pay for the VIP transit through the airport? Basically you arrived and were met by a tasty Syrian lady in business type attire. A black skirt, a white blouse and a black blazer. They took you to a room, made you coffee and then took your passport and did the formalities of the visa stamping. I presume that you got one each attending to you as when I used them that was the deal. It was on my second trip that curiosity got the best of me and I asked would they like to join us at our hotel which was the Four Sea
  3. You sure she isn't Jordanian? Check her passport. In my experience Lebanese are fat, lazy and ugly. Maybe she is, good nookie can blind a man.
  4. The Aussies are fucked. Haddin has slowed down and no longer has that spring which makes him catch the impossible, he also averages around 15 in his last 10 tests. Watson is like a carthorse that you just can't motivate to get a move on to the knackers yard. Johnson just can't work out how to bowl if he isn't on his favourite pitch. Then there's the rest of them. The only player I fear is Starc but he is fucked and with it so is the Aussies chances. They need to cast away their old boys and rebuild but they have left it far too late so will have to die a slow painful death with the likes of Si
  5. That's not a girl so it equally shows how people get fooled into diddling ladyboys. Be careful out there.
  6. You couldn't climb Ben's cock never mind Ben Nevis.
  7. Are people bored with the EPL already? Some interesting signings at the end. Falcao to United, Welbeck to Arsenal was an interesting one. I think that was desperation by United. Falcao isn't the Falcao they think he is. Why would he be hawked around Europe for the whole transfer window only to be signed needing an extension to the transfer window by United? I'm loving this next phase in United's history. A last gasp attempt to get back into the the top four and resume CL participation. It might push them back years if doesn't pay off. They should have recognised that they had an ageing
  8. Under the Skin is excellent. A very sexy Alien walks around Scotland killing jocks. What's not to like.
  9. That's the second time that Celtic have benefited in Europe with teams fielding ineligible players.
  10. Watched Starred Up a few nights ago and still thinking about it. 10/10. Brilliant movie and more so when you look listen to the guy who wrote the screenplay. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/starred-up-how-exprison-therapist-jonathan-asser-turned-his-experiences-in-the-clink-into-stunning-drama-9176741.html
  11. Just watched Starred Up. A british film about a young offender who graduates to grown up jail and meets his dad there. Brilliant.
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