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Madrid - BKK July


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All right will ask Spanish colleagues if they know cheap grocery shops.


15$ -> at 1.5 exchangre rate is it fair for you?

But I do think that a kg of your sweeties shoudl be around 3-4 euros maximum as I see many Spanish eating this stuff.


Hope this is not on the forbidden items list

-> would be hilarious to be arrested for pistachio trafficking.



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can you perhaps get some nasty Latin babes for me please - any '8' or above will do as long as she's wearing RED below her belly bottom - so sexy!


alternatively decent steak sauce like Sauce béarnaise or green pepper - spicy variants welcome ;)


Pistacios's also welcome, but not too many (kilos) or I'll kill myself early stuffing them in!!


I suppose I can pay in barfines :hubba:


Ciao :beer:


p.s. while you're at it why don't you start a tapas bar or 2 in BKK & make sure a hot latino run the weekly salsa sessions :up:

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Steak sauce and bearnaise?

Should be possible although much of the "local version sauce" are rather disgusting.


A latina? I know quite a few in my company who would damn themselves to meet a charming (and wealthy) westerner.....

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