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100 Must-Read Thai Books


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Complete list of 100 Must-Read Thai Books


Note: List includes the title given by the Bangkok Post, a brief description of the work (when available), and the holdings information from UHCARL.






1. Samakkipet Kamchan (1907)


Sophisticated chan-style poetry by modern poet Chit Buratad.




Chit Burathat


Samakkhiphet kham chan


Currently being processed




2. Prachum Klong Lokaniti (1917)


Prince Dejadisorn's compilation of klong poems on religious topics.




Dechadison, Prince, 1783-1859


Khong lokkanit


ASIA PL4206 .D28




3. Mattanaparthar (1923)


King Rama VI's translates this tragic-romance about the origins of the rose.




King Rama VI


Sakuntala; Matthanaphatha; Thao Sanpom; pramuan suphasit


Matthanaphatha appears as part of the above compilation.


Currently being processed




Bot lakhon phut khamchan ruang matthanaphata


Currently being processed




Mathanaphatha ru tamnan hang dokkulap


Currently being processed




4. Klong Glorn Kong Kruu Thep (1942)


Chaophraya Thammasakmontri's revised version of this old moral poem.




5. Phra Lor (1953)


Prince Narathipprapanpong's version of the classical folk tale.




6. Korbfah Klib Thong (1956)


Poetry by female National Artist Ujjeni.




Nit Nararak, Utcheni


Khop fa klip thong


ASIA PL4209 .N53 K3




7. Poetry of Angkarn Kallayanapongsa (1964)


The National Artist's first compilation.




Angkhan Kanlayanaphong, 1926-


Kawi niphon


ASIA PL4209 .A53 A17 1979




8. Nirat Nong Khai


Laung Pattanapongpakdi's reflection of the bureaucratic system during the reign of King Rama V.




Phatthanaphong Phakdi, luang.


Nirat Nongkhai


ASIA PL4209 .P413 N5




9. Rao Chana Laew Maejar (1974)


Poetry by socialist poet Nay Pi.




Nai Phi


Rao chana laeo mae cha


ASIA PL4209 .N25 R3




10. Kawee Kab Karnmuang (1974)


Poetry by activist philosopher Jit Pumisak.




11. Poetry of Plueng Wannasri


Poems by this respected activist.




12. Jongpen Arthit Muer Uthai


Work by the National Artist political poet Taveepvorn.




13. Piengkwarm Kluengwai (1974)


The philosophical lessons of nature by the first SEA Write poet, Naowarat Pongpaiboon.




Naowarat Phongphaibun.


Phiang khwamkhluanwai


ASIA PL4209 .N24 P5 1980




Phiang khwamkhluanwai


ASIA PL4209 .N24 P5 1990 (In English and Thai)




14. Korbkrung (1971)


Work by the pioneering, free verse poet Raj Rangrong.




Rattana Yawapraphat


Khop krung


ASIA PL4209 .R38 K4






15. Lakorn Haeng Cheewit (1929)


The work of royal-blood author M.C. Arkartdamkerng Rabibhat.




Akatsadamkoeng Raphiphat, M.C., 1905-1932.


Lakhon haeng chiwit


ASIA PL4209 .Q34 L3 1962




The circus of life


ASIA PL4209 .A37 L3513 1994




16. Karmanit (1930)


Classical translation of Buddhist literature by the philosophers Sathirakoses and Nakapratheep.




Anuman Rajadhon, Phraya, 1888-1969, Saraprasoet (Tri), Phra, 1889-1945


Anuson ngan phraratchathan phloeng sop Nai Sutham Phattharakhom Mo.Po.Cho., Mo.Wo.Mo., Tho.Cho.Wo.


ASIA PL4209 .A64 K15 1990


Kammanit appears as part of this work




17. Damrong Phrathet (1931)


Romantic fiction with peace and women's rights themes by Vethang.




18. Nueng Nai Roi (1934)


A story of the well-to-do pioneer female novelist Dokmaisod.




Dokmai Sot


Nung nai roi


Currently being processed




19. Bangrachan (1936)


Based on Mai Muangderm, the great historical battle between Thailand and Burma.




20. Pol Nikorn Gim-nguan


Classical, popular comic fiction by Por Intarapalit.




Pricha Inthapalit


Ringo sam kloe


ASIA PL4209 .P795 R2




Rnam ruang chut samkloe


ASIA PL4209 .P795 R81 1970




Ruam chut sam kloe


ASIA PL4209 .P795 R83 1961




Samkloe chut wai num


ASIA PL4209 .P795 S271970




Sam kloe chuan hua


ASIA PL4209 .P795 S31968




21. Puchana Sibthit (1939)


Historical romance by Yakob.




Yakhop, 1907-1956.


Phu chana sip thit


ASIA PL4209 .C47 P4 v. 1- 8




22. Peking Nakorn Haeng Kwarmlang (1943)


The story of Thai students in China during the revolution by Sod Kuramalohit




23. Ying Kon Chau (1946)


Thailand's first protagonist prostitute created by Kor Surangkanang.




K. Surangkhanang, 1911-


Ying khonchua




Being re-cataloged




The prostitute


ASIA PL4209 .K24 Y5613 1994




24. Mueng Nimitr (1948)


Utopian ideology by M.R. Nimitmongkol Nawarat.




Nimitmongkhon Nawarat, M. R.


Muang nimit


ASIA PL4209 .N52 M8




25. Pattaya (1951)


Social novel satirising the pro-military and socialist movement written under the still anonymous pen-name Daohang.




26. Phaendin Nee Kongkrai (1952)


Srirat Sathapanawat's look at corruption and discrimination.




Sirat Sathapanawat.


Phaendin ni khong khrai


ASIA PL4209 .S55 P38 1989




27. Si Phaendin (1954)


The life of a court lady by M.R. Kukrit Pramoj.




Kukrit Pramoj, M.R.


Si phaendin


ASIA PL4209 .K84 S5




Four reigns


ASIA PL4209 .K8 S513 1981




28. Lae Pai Kangnar (1955)


Sriburapa's social comment.




Kulap Saipradit, 1905-1973.


Lae pai khang na: phak matchim wai


ASIA PL4209 .K86 L3


The library does not own a complete set.




29. Pisaj (1957)


Seni Saowapong's book on a love tainted by class discrimination.




Seni Sauvapong, 1918-




ASIA PL4209 .S394 P57 1981




30. Tung Maharaj (1964)


Malai Chupinit's novel based in the South.




Malai Chuphinit, 1906-1963.


Thung maharat


ASIA PL4209.M31 T41




31. Mahabandit Haeng Mitilanakorn (1964)


Yaem Prapathong's Buddhist novel.




32. Seplay Boy Chaorai (1969)


Acclaimed as Rong Wongsawan's verson of The Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck.




33. Jodmaay Jark Muang Thai (1970)


Botan's depiction of the lives of Chinese immigrants.






Chotmai chak Muang Thai


ASIA PL4209 .B75 C5




Letters from Thailand


HMLTN PZ4.B748 Le 1977


Being re-cataloged




Letters from Thailand


ASIA PL4209 .B6 C5 1982




Briefe aus Thailand


ASIA PL4209 .B6 C515 1989




Letters from Thailand


ASIA PL4209 .B6 C4 1994




34. Rao Likit Bon Lumsop Vasitthi


Ror Jantapimpa's romance set during World War II.




35. Sang Cheewit


Luang Vijitwatakarn's novel about a man trying to make a name for himself.




36. Maesai Sa-uen (1971)


Or Chaiworasilp's work about a northern woman's life.




37. Khao Chue Karn (1971)


Suwannee Sukhontha's tragedy about a doctor's fight against corruption.




Suwanni Sukhontha, 1932-1984


Khao chu Kan


ASIA PL4209 .S89 K3




38. Tawan Tokdin (1972)


Krisna Asoksin's novel on government corruption.




39. Soythong (1974)


Nimit Poonthavorn's novel discovers the significance of life with the help of a pigeon.




40. Piurab Daeng (1974)


Suwat Woradilok's take on the life of a Thai seeking political refuge in China.




Suwat Woradilok.


Phirap daeng


ASIA PL4209 .S9 P47




41. Luuk Isan (1976)


Kampoon Boontawee classic on the lives of Isan villagers.




42. Sritanonchai


Revised version of the centuries-old tales of a tricky old man.




Short Stories


43. Nor Mor Sor's Nitarn Vetal (1918)


Translated from Indian literature.




No. Mo. So., 1877-1945.


Nithan wetan


ASIA PL4209 .P55 N8 1963




44. Manas Janyong's Jabtaay




Manat Chanyong, 1907-1965.


Chap tai


ASIA PL4209 .M33 C4




45. Por Buranapakorn's short stories.




46. Sor Thammayo's short stories.




So Thammayot, 1913-1952


Elaen Balong lae ruang san thi san laeo


This compilation contains some but not all of the recommended stories. Currently being processed




47. Tanom Mahapaoraya's Plaay Maliwan and other short stories.




48. Jantri Siribunrod's Pudab Duang Arthit and other science fiction.




49. Isara Amantakul's Yuk Tamin short stories.




50. Arjin Panjapan's Muang Rae


A set of short stories about miners' lives.




51. Loa Kam Hom's Fah Bor Kan and other stories.




Khamsing, Srinawk (Lao Khamhom), 1930-


Fa bo kan


ASIA PL4209 .K49 F3 1979


Being re-cataloged




Lao Khamhxom


Fa bo kan


ASIA PL4209 .L49 F3


Being re-cataloged




52. Dr Saneur Intarasuksri's Puernkao.




Sanoe Intharasuksi


Chut phuan nakrian kao "phuan kao"


Currently being processed




53. Witayakorn Chiengkul's Chanjueng Mahar Kwarm Maay




54. Humourist's humourous short stories.




55. Nikom Rayawa's Kon Bon Tonmai and other short stories.




Nikhom Raiyawa


Khon bon tonmai


ASIA PL4209 .N464 K46 1984






56. Prawat Khotmai Thai


The history of Thai law by Belgian lawyer Ror Langat.




Langgard, R


Prawattisat kotmai Thai: kotmai ekkachon






57. Nitarn Borankadee


History and archaeology stories by Prince Damrongrajanuparb.




Damrongrachanuphap, Prince, son of Mongkut, King of Siam,1862-1943.


Nithan borankhadi


ASIA PL4209 .D3 N58




Nithan boran khadi: bang ruang


ASIA PL4209 .D3 N59 1966




Nithan boran khadi


ASIA PL4209 .D3 N58 1968




Nithan borannakhadi


ASIA PZA 95B03.01


Being re-cataloged




Nithan borannakhadi


ASIA PZA 920902.85


Being re-cataloged




58. Chao Cheewit


Stories of the Chakri dynasty by Prince Julakrabongse.




Chula Chakrabongse, Prince, 1908-1963.


Chao chiwit


ASIA DS578 .C48 1962




59. Chome Nar Sakdina Thai


Jit Pumisak's book about Thai feuds.




Somsamai Sisutphan. (Chit Phumisak)


Chomna khong sakdina Thai nai patchuban


ASIA DS571 .C5422 1996




The real face of Thai feudalism today


(Appears as a part of Thai Radical Discourse)


ASIA DS568 .R49 1987




60. Sangkom Thai Nai Samai Ton Ratanakosin 1782 to 1873


Urban anthropologist Akin Rapeepat's look at early Bangkok society.




Akin Rabibhadana, M.R.


The organization of Thai society in the early Bangkok period, 1782-1873.


ASIA HN750.5 .A8 A63


ASIA HN750.5 .A8 A63 1996




61. Kabot Ros Sor 130 (1960)


Rien Srichand and Netr Poonvivat look at a failed revolution during the period of absolute monarchy.




Rian Sichan, Net Phunwiwat


Kabot ro.so 130 (kan patthiwat khrang raek khong Thai)


ASIA DS585 .R56 1976




62. Sarn Thai Nai Adeet


The history of the Thai court system courtesy of self-taught historian Prayut Sitthipat.




63. Prawatsart Thai Samai 1809 to 1910 Darn Settakit Lae Darn Sangkom (1974)


Self-taught researcher Chai Ruensilp looks at the economic and social aspects of Thailand in days past.




Chai Ruangsin.


Prawatsat Thai samai, 2352-2453


ASIA DS578 .C417


Being re-cataloged; Library does not own full set.




Prawat sat Thai samai, 2352-2453


ASIA DS578 .C417 1976


Being re-cataloged; Library does not own full set.






64. Phra Prawat Traslao (1924)


Supreme Patriarch Prince Vajirayarn Varoros on court and monk life.




Wachirayanawarorot, Prince, son of Mongkut, King of Siam, Supreme Patriarch, 1860-1921.


Phraprawat trat lao


ASIA BL1473 .W3 A3




65. Panyawiwat (1952)


Samak Burawat's book on intellectual evolution.




66. Phra Trai Pidok Chabab Pracharchon (1958)


Sucheep Punyanuparb's book is a digest version of holy Buddhist scriptures.




Suchip Punyanuphap


Phratraipidok chabap samrap prachachon


ASIA BQ1138 .S83 1983




67. Puttatham (1971)


Phra Dhammapidok's book on Buddhism.




Phra Thepwethi (Phra Prayudh Payutto)




ASIA BQ4018 .T4 P48




Phutthatham: chabap prapprung lae khayai khwam


ASIA BQ4165 .P4758 1986




Buddhadhamma: natural laws and values for life (English)


ASIA BQ4150 .P46813 1995




68. Itappajjaiyatar (1973)


Buddhadasa Bhikku writes of his Buddhist philosophy.






69. Wannakadee Lae Wannakadee Vijarn (1943)


By pioneer literature expert Vit Siwasiriyanond.




Wit Siwasariyanon, 1913-


Wannakhadi lae wannakhadi wichan


ASIA PN45 .W58 1961




Wannakhadi lae wannakhadi wichan


ASIA PN45 .W59 1975




70. Pratimakham Thai (1947)


Silpa Bhirasri's book on Thai sculpture.




71. Vittaya Wannakam (1963)


Prince Narathippongprapan's look at literature and linguistics.




Narathip Phongpraphan, Prince, 1891-


Witthaya wannakam


Currently being processed




Witthaya saranukrom


ASIA H49 .N37


Uncertain if this is the same book.




72. Oe War Arna Pracharrat


Sanit Chareonrat's record of the journalism and social circles of the 1940s.




73. Kwarm-ngarm Kong Silapa Thai (1967)


Nor Na Parknam's book on Thai art.




No. Na Paknam, 1928-


Khwamngam khong sinlapa Thai


ASIA N7321 .N12




74. Pasar Khotmai Thai (1968)


Thanin Kraivichien's fascinating book on the language of Thai law.




Thanin Kraiwichian


Phasa kotmai Thai


ASIA K.T4 .T367P4




Phasa kotmai Thai


Currently being processed




75. Wannasarn Samnuek


Compilation of literary criticism by Supar Sirimanond.




Supha Sirimanon


Wannasan samnuk: khwamsamnuk nai itthiphon susan khong nangsu


ASIA PL4200 .S96 1986 v. 1


ASIA PL4200 .S96 1986 v. 2




76. Wanwaitayakorn Chabab Wannakadee Vijarn (1971)


Comparative literature by Chetana Nagavajara and M.L. Boonlua Dhebbayasuwan.




Chettana Nakwatchara; Bunlua Thepphayasuwan, M. L.,


Wanwaithaykon: Chumnum botkhwam thang wichakan chabap wannakhadi


Currently being processed




77. Saeng Arun 2 (1979)


Compilation of architecture articles by Saengarun Ratanakasikorn.




Saengarun Rattakasikon


Saengarun 2


ASIA NA7435 .A1 S24 1980






78. Praraja Pithi Sibsong Duen (1911)


King Rama V chronicles the traditional, monthly royal customs.




Chulalongkorn, King of Siam, 1853-1910.


Phraratchaphithi sipsong duan


ASIA GT5390 .C57 1963




79. Sarn Somdej


Compilation of correspondence between Prince Damrongrajanuparb and Prince Naritsaranuwattivong on cultural subjects.




Naritsaranuwattiwong, Prince, son of Mongkut, King of Siam, 1863-1947


San somdet


ASIA DS568 .N37


This title contains 27 volumes




San somdet


ASIA DS568 .N372




San somdet


ASIA DS578.3 .N358 1991




San Somdet: chabap thi yang mai khoei phim Pho. So. 2475


ASIA DS578.3 .N36 1990




80. 30 Chart Nai Chiang Rai (1950)


A look at northern minorities by Boonchauy Srisawad.




81. Thienwan (1952)


Sa-ngob Suriyin's biography of the pioneering Thai modern thinker.




Sangop Suriyin




ASIA HN700.55 .A8 S364 1967




82. Kale Marntai (1961)


Anthropological linguistics by Banchob Pantumethar.




83. Parata Vittaya (1967)


Karuna and Ruengurai Kusalasai's look at India.




84. Fuen Kwarm Lang (1968)


Phraya Anumarnrajathon's examination of cultural and social subjects.




Anuman Rajadhon, Phraya, 1888-1969.


Fun khwamlang


ASIA DS570.6 .A58 1969-70




85. Nitran Chao Rai (1972)


Sawad Chantani provides miscellaneous titbits about social history.




86. Kwarmpenmar Kong Kam Siam, Thai, Laos Lae Kom lae Laksana Thang Sangkom Kong Chue Chonchart


Jit Pumisak's look at the origins of language in Thailand and its neighbours.




Chit Phumisak


Khwampenma khong kham Sayam Thai Lao lae Khom la


ASIA PL4200 .C43 1976




87. Autobiography of Mom Sripromma Kridakorn (1979)


The memoirs of this distinguished modern woman.




Siphromma Kritdakon, Mom, 1888-1978


Attachiqaprawat Mom Siphromma Kritdakon: phrom duai khamsamphat lae ruang withi thanom raksa ahan


Currently being processed




The autobiography of Lady Siphroma Kridakon


Currently being processed




88. 80 Pee Nai Cheewit Kong Karpachao


Autobiography by this thinker and cultural expert.






89. Sapayasart (1911)


The Kingdom's first book on Economics courtesy of Phraya Suriyanuwat.




Suriyanuwat, phraya


Sap sat


ASIA HG1300.5 .S95 1975




90. Buenglang Karn Patiwat 2475 (1941)


Kularb Saypradit highlights the start of democracy.




91. Thai Kab Songkram Loke Krangthee Song (1966)


Thailand and the Second World War as told by Direk Chaiyanam.




Direck Jayanama, 1905-1967.


Siam and World War II (Thai kap songkhram lok khrang thi song)


ASIA DS578.32 .D57 A313 1978




92. Santiprachartham (1973)


A compilation of social comments by Pauy Ungphakorn.




93. Har Pee Parithat (1973)


A compilation of editorial articles written by Sangkomsart Parithat magazine editor Sulak Sivaraksa.




Sulak Sivaraksa


Ha pi chak parithat


ASIA HN750.5 .S74




94. Kwarmpen Anijjang Kong Sangkom


Social comments by Pridi Banomyong.




95. Tarn Pridi (1974)


Duen Bunnag profiles Thai statesman and ideologist Pridi Banomyong.




Duan Bunnak


Than Pridi rattha-burut awuso


ASIA DS578.32 .P74 D83 1974


ASIA DS578.32 .P74 D83 1957




96. Wan Mahapiti


A special publication by the Students' Association of Thammasat University to commemorate the events of October 14, 1973.




Students' Association of Thammasat University


Wan mahapiti


ASIA DS586 .W35




Science/Natural Science


97. Nangsue Sadaeng Kitjanukit (1867)


Thailand's first natural science book by Choapraya Tiparkorawong.




98. Paetsart Songkrao


Pioneering traditional medicine text book.




99. Thammachart Narnar Sat (1961)


A wealth of zoological knowledge by Boonsong Lekakul.




100. Kabuankarn Kawe Jon


A series of Prayoon Chanyawong's illustrated newspaper columns from 1976 to 1978. Topics include plants, food and daily life-related science.




Prayun Chanyawong


Khabuankan kae chon





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Do you know of Farang writing paperbacks. easy read for beach ? All about Thailand..novels etc etc. Have just read good book on Cambodia by Amit Gilboa. All about sex and Ganja. Very good read. People in this country have had bad time. Good place for ladies.

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