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Buying A property in ThaILAND


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We have been looking since November to buy a condo in Hua Hin ..taking the advice of an old Mod on this board we took things slowly ..

Nearly bought in Febuary in Mycanos for 7 million ..lucky we didn't the final color of the building is disgusting ...and the prices are way down now.


Looked at a condo in the "horizons" complex in May 7.1 Million..three beds two bathrooms nice condo ...this week 4.5 million..


We then looked with agents at houses in secure surrounds ...all from 7 to 15 minutes from the Hilton (as our landmark) this is where things got interesting.


The cute sales lady of Hua Hin Village took us out to a comples of about 20 houses in a street with security at the entrance...my five year old niece could easily climb over the back fence of any of these secure properties.. :)


Only two were complete we were to look at the sight of were ours would be built ..but she kept pushing the show home to buy ....4.5 in the car and by the time we left down to 3.5 milion....

No activity in the street at all ..steel rods on the ground up from this show home ..all rusted no sign of any work for a very long time...no sale!


Next day we looked at Hua Hin Nice Breeze..these were vey nice and well built ...

Two locations one K apart....first all built so had to buy one of these ...6.4 to 6.9 two story with pools...again the security is a farce..no sale ..of to the next sight ...about twenty in the complex...much activity on these and only two blocks left for sale ..both 560 Sq m.. choices of house size and prices from 4.9 to 6.9 all with pools ..we really liked these..so we asked all the questions..and got plans later in the day with costings etc ..except the one we wanted ..only had the ground floor plan ..no top floor ..and yet this home is completed in the other complex :p

So i asked ...umm i don't see any kithens in these?

"oh no ..you buy and put in the kitchen kit.."

How much ..my wife and her went jibber jibber ..then 10000 came up ..ok not bad ..oops AUD..so the price just jumped 300k ...why am i getting a 4000l water tank?..oh for when the water stops ;) the government is putting the water on for you ..and the power ...oh good i thought...

Now when we sat down and went through it all:

Price not include..House transfer fee 35000

Government water and electric meter fee 8000


Air Con

Roof gutter :D

water heater

All for 6.4

For the 6.7 one i get five air units ...

Any way we drove out of the place thinking about the whole place ...weaving around pot holes that an M1 tank could fall into ...two huge bulls tied to a tree up from the complex .....no not for us this Hua hin love affair is all but over ...

Final descion for us ..to buy one rai of land (now)in Hua HIn to build our own home later on for our old age.

Now the focus is on a Condo in Bangkok ...we hope to find one by the time we return in December ....

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Ya there is always things you need to add. They give you a shell.


Dont forget about things like water pump, mossy nets on the windows, painting a color other than white.


They also take short cuts with the electrical ground so make sure it is grounded. Is there TV and telephone plugs?


If you have a mortgage dont forget additional transfer fees to the bank. There are always hidden costs and I would budget a 100,000 extra for surprises.

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There are $1M USD houses there that can not be sold but are renting out for 40K Baht/month (or less).

With pools, etc.

Beautiful houses but over built ($1M USD way too much $$$ money spent to build the places).




I was just looking today cheap rent on some really nice houses!!! Do the math TB invest that 5 million in the improving stock market and rent your house.


No headaches and save $$$$$$



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Here we go again.


There is the facination with 'owning' land or home in Thailand.


What is the purpose of 'buying' a home?


As stated above, set up a few 'trust funds' somewhere someplace. Invest money in some fund that is low risk or no risk. Collect the interest.



Rent. Rent. Rent. You still got the money. You can still 'take care' of whomever you wish to take care of through various trust funds. And if you set up the trust funds correctly - some money will always be there no matter what. As opposed to being pissed away at some depreciating home or the herd of sick cows back in the village.


Yes, yes, my situation is different. OK.



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Things change very rapidly in LOS real estate. Why put yourself in a position that you must sell your condo in order to move elswere. Renting is so cheap, why would you own?


I can understand a condo in Hong Kong that appreciates from the day you close on it. But Thailand isn't the same. Maintenance is non-existant,

and you really have no recourse if a noisy neighbor moves next door. Its possible a condo would go down in value.


I have found that when I asked my ex-thaigf about a condo, her preference was always for owning rather than renting.




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No.. we are keeping our Sydney home ..this would be our holiday base ...a condo overlooking the river and near the BTS is what we are after..


I have shares and other investments here in Sydney so income is solid each quarter.

This will be our fun house and place for my sons to stop over when on trips etc..

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