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29th Oct


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Big night tonight...last Friday of the month, so many getting paid...free food at the Pelican, if you buy a few drinks there...of course, Los Cabos.


This whole weekend will be happening with Hallow-weenie and all.

Party at the Moonshine, Saturday, with, you guessed it, free food!


...now I just need a free pair of larger pants! :p

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There was a very nice pair of *** female *** breasts there last night. It was Miss Green Tee Shirt in a dark, striped "tee shirt", looking quite good! To be honest, she was from Malaysia and very attractive!!

Another great lady attended, from Sweden. SO we had a real international crowd there.

Later that evening I found DumbSoda enjoying himself in a fav pub of his.

Doing my due diligence and making the rounds, both the Easy Pub and Moonshine were jumping and packed with all of us local yocals :p:drunk: :hubba: :beer:

Somehow, wisely, I made it a short evening and managed to return to the barn the same day (before midnight)... :dunno:

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