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  1. Isn't Le Bouchon now on Soi Jusmag?
  2. Sounds like "The Local" now - same location and decor.
  3. No Idea now on Soi 18 - but the original location still empty on Soi 22.
  4. Reads like a paid advertisement or sponsorship.
  5. Unregistered? That number seems too high. The few Burmese maids that I have been associated with - all were registered.
  6. A lot more to this story - but bottom line - don't act like you own the road when your a foreigner in Thailand!
  7. RIP Expat_Dan which was his last Twitter handle that I remember. Sorry about the mask - but this was Black Tiger on his way out of Thailand late last year! [Sorry, Pom_Michael, have removed the pic. Not sure SD would have appreciated it being posted.]
  8. Agreed - once or twice a year type of event would be good. Anyone remember the name of the venue where we had the Server Party? On Soi 11 if I remember correctly.
  9. The charged the 3 friends with something over the weekend. https://www.thaipbsworld.com/third-suspect-in-the-death-of-thai-tv-actress-nida-surrenders-to-police/
  10. I thought they were talking about Rupiah! 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah equals $69.74 United States
  11. Ok, so the plot thickens - ? I have no idea if Stickboy was anyway connected to the Stickman site - https://www.stickboybkk.com I now see (source = Twitter) - that the person behind the Stickboy media network has left Thailand - and per his own announcement - for good. Related or just a strange coincidence?
  12. Thanks Stick - I thought as much but wanted to post here figuring you would give us the inside scoop.
  13. Anyone know what is going on with Stickman Uncensored?
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