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Something different for a Night out

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Tawandang German Brewery (the beer is house brewed..


A very large restaurant serving Thai/German dishes.

Entertainment is broken into many different acts/mini shows during the evening..along with games (matching numbers on 100bt notes etc...


Does get very noisy ..ideal for groups ..we were 12..bill was 4000..booze was extra ..and can BYO ..


462/61 Rama 3 Road Yannawa Bangkok open 5pm to 1AM...02 678 11146.


Assorted pics ...

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Been there many times with my wife's family.


Last year took some of the guys I know there with us.

They all enjoyed it much and was picking up the bussiness cards so the taxis can get them there the next time they want to go.


Yes the prices are low for the food you get.

We have allways enjoyed the food and the shows.

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It does have a specific low light mode, indicated on the mode dial by a candle symbol, and I'm sure it will have a special scene mode for taking pics indoors or at night or something similar.


It's also fully manual so you can play with the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc, yourself.


Of course the main problem with taking pictures handheld in low light is camera shake so you could consider getting a Joby!



Joby Gorillapod Compact Flexible Camera Tripod













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I don't think the restaurants would like me setting all this up.. :neener:


on the S95...three settings that i think are for me...one is ..looks like a flash bulb,other say SCN and auto is the other ....tonight i used the "flash bulb" setting.

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