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Clapped-Out Losers Who Are Still Rocking

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Not talking only about ourselves here, lads, :troll: but firstly of the great alcoholic Welshman Mr Shakin' Stevens, no stranger to the girlie bars of Pattaya I hear (?) but still looking good and laying it down at the ripe old age of 84. Stole the show at Glastonbury 2008, convicted of assault last year when he caved a paparazzi bloke's head in with his mike stand, :spank: then a nice cocaine-induced heart attack 5 months later, :_pumpkin: but still he comes back for more. Got his first jotters as a milkman, just as that other old clown Sean Connery did. Respect is due. :worship:


Doherty? Gallagher? Sheen? F*ck off. Here's an septuagenarian brickie's lad from Cardiff showing the young poofters how it's done*. Go get 'em Shaky! :monkey:



Let's be having some evidence of more messed-up old saddoes, then. I rest my case. :blink:


jack :relieved:



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