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  1. They seem to have Sukhumwit Rd running right past the front of Hooters 🤔
  2. Whilst on the subject of water pressure, readers may wish to exercise caution with the arse-washing hose....
  3. Suffering post-LOS blues - need to plan another trip... 😎

    1. dvarpala


      Only been back three days, after Nana/Pattaya trip (with Wifey)

  4. You may already know this, but there's a shop near the main Post Office on Charoen Krung Rd., BKK that sells fossilised dinosaur dung,( bought a lump years ago to use as a paperweight at work) - walked past it the other day, and there's some in the window still
  5. I will definitely be going back, I haven't enjoyed an hotel so much in years, and preferred it to the Dynasty. Beers on the terrace, chatting, and watching the world go by - happy days. Oh, and the Songkran festivities were a revelation....
  6. I haven't even been in the place yet, thus I'll be staying there for a few days with my wife soon, for a laugh and a trip down memory lane ( well Soi 4 ). Haven't been to NP for a long time, wondering how much it's changed
  7. Next trip BKK-Pattaya, Songkran '18

  8. Married and settled down these days, but still visit LOS once in a while. (Miss the scene - you know how it is !!) Last trip BKK - Koh Chang + Pattaya Aug/Sep '16, and had been instructed by wifey to "show my mate around", naturally as a Thai360 member, the meaning of this is open to considerable interpretation.... (mission accomplished ..)

  9. Not the worst hotel I've ever stayed in by any means, but not one I'd go back to either - soulless. For amusement's sake, here's a review that I left for The Royal Orchid Sheraton, a few years back on TripAdvisor https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g293916-d301808-r120392602-Royal_Orchid_Sheraton_Hotel_Towers-Bangkok.html#CHECK_RATES_CONT
  10. This is why vaping/e-cigs is/are so popular in the UK. That and the significantly reduced chances of meeting Old Nick too soon!
  11. The jury is still out, (and will be for a while yet if the tobacco companies have their way) on the "benefits" of e-cigs, but we can be reasonably certain that they are a shitload safer than the traditional sort. Surprisingly, they are quite satisfying, and you can take as many, or as few, drags as you want. I shall puff my clouds until someone tells me otherwise, I think - then plead ignorance
  12. Hi guys, Quick question. Would I be correct in assuming that no-one gives a toss about the ban on e-cigarettes / vaping ? Or is this seen as a good way to extract a few baht from pissed-up farangs ?? Web opinion on this, as with most subjects, is unclear, but I'm pretty sure that the "on the ground" answer is here.... Sadly, it's been about 3 years since my last trip to LOS, but in six weeks - yeeeessss Regards, Dvarpala
  13. Hi guys, I'm impressed that this game is still running.... I played this when I was still free and single - been shackled for 10 years now... :-) But....will be back in LOS for a fortnight in July/August, with wife, daughter, and a mate of mine. Planning BKK, Koh Chang, and somewhere else that I haven't decided on yet? Anyway, thanks to my awesome negotiating power, I have been allowed, nay actively encouraged, to "show a friend around BKK" while wifey goes off and plays Hilary Homemaker with my eldest daughter. Game on
  14. At least it you did her up the Nitzap her tits wouldn't get in the way
  15. This is all a bit of a revelation to me - next you'll be telling me that Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny don't exist as well.... Seriously though, most of this seems to be pretty close to the truth, but like when I go to see a film, I'm capable of suspending reality for a few weeks I'm not blind, but I may choose to make nyself blinkered for a while... Can't really argue with that one. Not always There may even be an element of truth in this one, at least we generally have more money, can hold our ale better, and might be looki
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