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And Your Song Is?


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I recall the Vaughn Monroe song from my very early days in school. It was played on the radio a lot. That must have been during or just after the Korean War. I remember thinking they said Hound Dog. :p


It's a pop version of a US Army cadence call, Sound Off. Every GI knows it. Whoever made the video decided to use Oz soldiers instead of GIs. :dunno:


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Another favourite of my daughters, call it a summary of punk, why not? She was 3 when she decided it was he best all time song.



Yep - more late nights, hot hairdressers and nasty drug music, what fun



Recently this version has become one of my few reggai songs I like, mostly because I've been working in Africa and I like it a lot. The version I've been seeing has the girl pull out a gun, then later aim it at kids as she walks to the pub, then slip it too a friend at the card table. That's been editored out of all the versions I find on line. SADNESS.



Love that car! Suicide doors and that nasty girls, nice tats, the whole things is such a sugar and plum fairy tale story. Love it.



I met a girl when I was 18, hiding from various people, as you do when your 18, who was much older and wiser and into speed and fast motor bikes. She introduced me to this music and her motorbike buddies, who decided I should never be allowed near speed, fast bikes or sharp knives.



My daughter fell in love with Patti Smith when she saw this video clip, wrote her letter, given my daughter was about 4 at the time was quite funny, but a great song, one I loved too for it's genre


I'd add in Meatloaf, maybe some Rocky Horror Picture Show, Beethoven No 5 Pastoral Symphony, complete with the repeat of the second movement which most performance leave out, and I had to memorize, some jazz, but that's enough.

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As a kid the only music I knew was stuff like Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) and other happy-dance type pop. One day I was outside and there was a guy who lived across the alley, he'd set up his drum kit in the back yard with speakers behind it and he was practicing to Black Dog from Zeppelin. Never heard anything like it, especially the 'ah. oh. ah. ah. ahhhhhhh' parts. I was friends with his son, went over there and eventually got a cassette taped copy of Led Zeppelin IV. Beginning of the end.


Quit playing piano (mistake, but I sucked anyway) and started playing drums. And the music I listened to took a definitive turn, and I can trace some of it back to that.


Other songs that had some sort of lasting impact for whatever reason: Problems (Sex Pistols), Gimme Shelter (Stones), I don't think Hank did it this way (Waylon Jennings). And a ton of others.


Whatever right? :)

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Remake of a big hit song from the 1970s. Every singer and every BG knew it. :)


One of my favourite students used to sing it at the drop of a hat, gal with a plain face but a great figure. She married an Ozzie, poor thing. :(


I must admit that the original was a helluva lot better than this racket. The film tells the story of two out-of-wedlock GI brats. Their BG mama gives them up for adoption. The half-white one is SUAY and is adopted by a wealthy Chinese-Thai family. The half-black one is left in the orphange, grows up to be a BG and has a crappy life. She sings this song - GLIAT KHON SUAY (I hate pretty women!).




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