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  1. Notable Scottish Muslims[edit] Ali Abassi, Gaelic television presenter. Viscount Reidhaven, eldest son of the Earl of Seafield. Mushtaq Ahmad, lord lieutenant of Lanarkshire.
  2. <<old @nanaplaza.com email> Your not that old KS - you should get a new email address
  3. huumlaar


    The 2014 version of the SR has the kick starter still, it's pretty easy kick from all I have read, can be hand started. Electric starter is for scooters.
  4. Alfamaz, that is the one big problem with Agoda, no free call number, or even a chat number! If you do a search, there is a office in Bangkok you can call, but it's not publicized,
  5. Problem may be for me, I go direct as I use it so often it works out far better than Frequent Flyer points. one week away on work gives me two nights hotel albeit a far cheaper hotel, but i need to go direct to get that, me clicking your link wouldn't be worth my while
  6. I like Agoda, use it for work and get free hotel nights for the family. There is sometimes a glitch, the default date twice has been set to one year in advance, both times Agoda took the blame and fixed it for me.
  7. huumlaar


    SR400 - new one finally coming legally to Thailand, the second hand market I hope crashes
  8. <<Miss Scotland was there and got her crown knocked off and the Lord Provost of Glasgow was there too. The whole thing was shocking and I am totally embarrassed about it. >> I agree, I wouldn't be caught dead with Miss Scotland ot the Lord Provost of Glasgow!
  9. Too young, remember him well
  10. Great Driver, brilliant engineer
  11. Did anyone go to the 10th anniversary dinner? I raised a glass to Mao Mark at RCA(ii) Saphon Kway
  12. huumlaar

    Occam's Razor

    And free Viagra to all male tourists to help the sex tourism business!
  13. huumlaar

    Occam's Razor

    2004, about 10 years ago, but hey, nothing wrong with exaggerating!
  14. huumlaar

    Occam's Razor

    Dairy Cows? I remember first time showing "cows" to the village, and suggesting maybe milking at some stage, NOOOOOOO - You can't milk cows, milk comes from special cows
  15. huumlaar

    Occam's Razor

    yes . . . . . Coss, Takky wasn't even PM 20 years ago
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