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  1. AFAIK it was the fact they were acquitted that triggered the riots.
  2. George Holliday, the Los Angeles plumber who shot grainy video of four white police officers beating Black motorist Rodney King in 1991, has died of complications of COVID-19, a friend said Monday. Holliday, 61, died Sunday at a Los Angeles hospital, where he had been for more than a month, according to Robert Wollenweber, a longtime friend and former coworker. Holliday was not vaccinated and was on a ventilator in recent days after contracting pneumonia, Wollenweber said. Holliday was awakened by a traffic stop outside his San Fernando Valley home on the night of March 3, 1991. He went outside to film it with his new video camera, catching the Los Angeles officers punching, kicking and using a stun gun on King, even after he was on the ground. A year later, Holliday’s out-of-focus footage — about 9 minutes worth — was a key piece of evidence at the four officers’ criminal trial for assault and excessive use of force. https://apnews.com/article/health-violence-los-angeles-coronavirus-pandemic-rodney-king-017eaf6c0394a6330e3a75537bbed3ed
  3. SAMUT PRAKAN: A young couple were arrested at a hotel in Bang Phli district late on Monday night for streaming their sexual activities online. The 19-year-old woman, known as Kainao, and her 20-year-old boyfriend shared their sexual exploits online via the OnlyFans website, Thai media reported. They were arrested by police from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau. The couple admitted to producing pornographic content over a computer network, according to police. Police said they would not take legal action against the owner of the website, which only allowed creators to share content. Police said the arrests were the result of the website being abused by content creators. So that is what RTP do all day, spend tax payers money on only fans subscription and watch Porn
  4. And it slips yet again, it will be Mid-April by end of September at this rate Welcoming tourists back to Bangkok hinges on three factors, including that 70% of its population are fully vaccinated, which could push the reopening near mid-November, according to the City Hall. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2185071/reopening-of-capital-must-be-safe
  5. I can read, and write also, how the hell think I am taking onboard your posts and replying? You stated that “France will be extremely useful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit” and then state the Ireland Protocol as one of these issues. FFS the French are totally against changes to the protocol. What else is there? Fishing, French always want to fish UK waters but don’t allow UK to fish French, Trade and immigration, how can the French alone be helpful in any of these issues, the countries have been a tech others throats on and off for over 900 years. Brits hate the French and the French hate the Brits Well considering I left the UK over 30 years ago, have no property or Bank accounts there, worked exclusively in SE Asia / Far East since well before Brexit, do not hold GBP or EUR and so on, Brexit concerns me as much as Loong Somchai the local taxi driver, i.e. Fuck all. You must be very naive, at the least, to think that Brexit would in anyway affect me
  6. What upcoming issues, Do you have a Crystal Ball? Why / How does Brexit Concern me?
  7. “Faire L’enfant” as they say in French
  8. Well that lasted a long time Bangkok's reopening for inoculated tourists will be delayed by two weeks as most of the city's residents are still waiting for their second jabs, while the tourism ministry has pledged to open the city to bring at least 1 million international tourists this year. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the tourism and sports minister, said the appropriate timeline for Bangkok should be postponed from Oct 1 to Oct 15 as the capital city is expected to have administered Covid-19 vaccines to 70% of its residents by then. At present, 37% of population is fully vaccinated, while another 33% are in the 8-12 week interval following their first AstraZeneca shot. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2182455/bangkoks-reopening-to-be-postponed 33% since June 3.5 months and they reckon 37% in the next month, I know this government legalized Kratom I didn’t realize they were all smoking it as well.
  9. Another Outright lie, AZ has met production the government contract was only for a percentage of, not total production.
  10. General Pinocchio is living in cloud cuckoo land. Back In April they stated 70% coverage and unless they can go from 18% to 70% within the next 14 days, which I very much doubt, then he is going against his own promise, A politician lying, well I never.
  11. Mekong


    Whilst theoretically Her Madge could overrule the courts I very much doubt that she would. Her policy has always been say nothing and don’t interfere on all matters and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. As for the papers being served, it is a moot point to be honest, the papers relate to a civil case and UK-US extradition only relates to criminal cases. Basically means Randy Andy can’t step foot in USA or it’s territories, no great loss IMHO.
  12. KS, Agre completely about animal cruelty here is the dogs vegan birthday cake ( I jest not. As for racing F1 (and flying in private jets) I should have referred to him as a hypocritical wanker rather than just wanker.
  13. Exclusive: almost 70 memorials renamed or being taken down since last summers Black Lives Matter protests Scores of tributes to slave traders, colonialists and racists have been taken down or will be removed across the UK, a Guardian investigation has found, with hundreds of others under review by local authorities and institutions. In what was described by historians as an “unprecedented” public reckoning with Britain’s slavery and colonial past, an estimated 39 names – including streets, buildings and schools – and 30 statues, plaques and other memorials have been or are undergoing changes or removal since last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/29/tributes-to-slave-traders-and-colonialists-removed-across-uk Maybe UK BLM have a different agenda to the rest of the world
  14. Hamilton is a bigger wanker than Verstappen IMHO. What with his BLM policies and alike, what that convicted criminal George Floyd has to do with the UK I will never know. As for slavery and all that, his father came to UK from Granada in the 20th century, slavery was abolished in 1833 so his family background has nothing to do with slavery. The prick also goes on about his dog on a vegan diet (how do you know someone is vegan? They tell you) and claims to care for the environment, then posts a photo taken on a private jet whist off to race F1 cars. Looking forward to George Russel putting his nose out of joint next season.
  15. Hamilton was anti-halo to begin with, but changed his stance before it was introduced in 2017. His opposition was down to esthetics and the fact it went against the spirit of open cockpit racing. There are others far more outspoke than Hamilton, but he is still a twat. https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/36877774
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