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Serious Toothache. Probably Going To Need A Root Canal. Bangkok. Input?

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Quick ps - procedure was professional - didn't feel a thing and almost fell asleep. After completion when I was headed home I asked the physician - what happens later once the anesthesia wears off, will there be any pain/soreness? She said - Yes, a little - don't eat on the right side of your mouth today and I can give you something for any pain.


They gave me ibuprofen. 555555. Later, there wasn't any significant pain (like the fucking awful sensation that made me want to claw my eyes out before I addressed the problem), but enough dull soreness that night to make it a challenge to sleep. And I'm a wuss. And ibuprofen, well, might as well give someone a sugar cube.


This was the first time I experienced any sort of healthcare in Thailand though and was impressed by the care. The work done was efficient and thorough, to tell the truth had a better experience here than with my dentist in the states. Yep.


Feeling good now. Get my last crown next week and then FINITO.

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