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Worst Hotels In Thailand?

Fiery Jack

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Not the worst hotel I've ever stayed in by any means, but not one I'd go back to either - soulless.

For amusement's sake, here's a review that I left for The Royal Orchid Sheraton, a few years back on TripAdvisor



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In my ongoing search for the best hotel in Thailand, it's rare these days that I end up anywhere that could be considered for the 'Worst of' list, fortunately. Perhaps it's time I got back to real slumming, accommodation-wise... I did stay at some dump in Pattaya some time ago, air con was completely dead, just a wheezing dusty beast pumping out hot air - it was on a New Year somehow, I ended up with one of the last girls available, straight from the street. The king bed was two soft twins pushed together, and we were sweaty as fuck, constantly falling into the chasm between the ever-shifting twins. I have a polaroid of me and that girl from just before heading into that room - a sweet thing actually, if a bit past her prime, i don't mind that. what I remember most was one thing she said, with feeling: "You want fuck my ass? You Can!"


Ah, memories.




PS: I did not, it turned out - between a bottle or two of whiskey, the heat, and the unreliable geography of the bed, things just went south until I passed out - and woke up hot, dry, miserable. I don't go to Pattaya anymore for Christmas or New Year - Bangkok either for that matter - in fear of a repeat of that experience. My head hurts just thinking about it.

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I don't think that I have stayed at any bad hotels in Thailand.

Chiang Mai, Hua Hinn, Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok.

Medium to budget hotels.


And the Nana Hotel all I recall is the fine aroma of the beer I had in my hand and the sweet perfume of that exceptional young gal !

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