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Activists Plan Anti-Junta Rally Friday, Won’T Notify Police

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BANGKOK — Pro-democracy activists will converge Friday to tell the military junta that its days in power are numbered.


In what appears to be a test case, protest leader Sirawith Seritiwat said Thursday that he has decided not to notify the police about the demonstration, which is set to take place 6pm at One Siam Skywalk, as required by a public assembly law.


“I didn’t notify the police. Political gatherings ought to be a permissible right. We are not violating anyone’s rights or shutting down the street,†said Sirawith, aka Ja New.


All political protests and gatherings of more than four people are banned by the junta. The Public Assembly Act 2015 passed by the junta-appointed parliament also requires demonstrators to notify local police no less than 24 hours in advance. Violators face fines of no more than 10,000 baht.



Sirawith, 25, said he received a phone call from a man claiming to be an army intelligence officer Wednesday enquiring about the planned demonstration.


“[He] asked me what I am going to do,†Sirawith said. “I said it’s like what I announced. He said I didn’t ask for permission right? I asked him back why should I seek permission?â€...



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You know, for all of our opinions on the cops/army and so on being feckless and stupid, certainly being stupid is their most obvious trait, I reckon that just by sheer dint of numbers, that they do know what's going on, most of the time, but, not most of them.


I reckon that there's always some of them, that know what's up, but the constraints of Politics, Face and Patronage (Superiors) mean that most won't act.


i.e. PTBM said "I love how they point to the body, it's not like you could miss it!" - I reckon, that this is so they can have a photographic record, of themselves doing their job, to not point at the body, is to demonstrate that one is not doing one's job.


​No logic, but this is Thailand :)

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