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  1. Are you also selling the Jumpsuit?
  2. And yet, if Biden does hang on and "even win", we could be treated, to the spectacle of Mr ordinary convict D. Trump, declaring war on NATO, from a prison exercise yard
  3. and additional details: Judge Arthur Engoron has ordered former president Donald Trump and the Trump Organization to pay over $364 million in penalties. New York Attorney General Letitia James said that with pre-judgment interest, the judgment totals over $450 million, an amount “which will continue to increase every single day” until the judgment is paid. This is in addition to the $83.3 million he has been ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll in her defamation case. So how will Trump afford to pay the staggering fees? and: ... investigation into Trump’s tax returns which kickstarted NY AG Letitia James’ Trump Org. case. ... Trump’s N.Y. civil fraud trial ruling, including the case being redirected to the IRS for audit, and potentially to federal authorities... ... In addition to the $83.3 million he owes to E. Jean Carroll, the IRS audit of the Trump Org. could result in a penalty in excess of $100 million, which is “growing every day” with interest... ...“It’s a real issue… These are huge. And they’re not things you can put off for another day.”
  4. Whilst the destitution is gathering steam, LINK , the Russian thing is building, a little more slowly, but building never the less...
  5. Similarly *IF* one has brain surgery, specifically anything inside the skull, that touches the brain, NZ Doctors are required to inform the Patient- no driving - 6 months. They don't seem to have any requirement to inform the Law. Though after my surgery, no one said a thing. I was watching for it. Nothing. On the other hand getting a gun license here, is a really big rigmarole, so much so, I haven't wanted one. Or a gun. A compound bow, on the other hand, can be got, so long as you only ever use it an a law abiding manner, as with a baseball bat or a crow bar.
  6. Thailand’s jailed former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to be freed Link
  7. Rotary Exchange - that sounds like swinging for polygamists Rotate your girls and whose up next, gets swapped with the one from the other crowd
  8. Indeedy As Justice Roberts notes, if State level courts could deny people running for office, then you've got one group of states denying Democrats, another group denying GOP and further groups, denying black, white, men, women, they, jews, muslims, catholics, etc etc .... How ever, the insurrectionist part has not been addressed.
  9. I suppose it is worth noting, that ever since the Civil War, the "Conservatives" have been trying to regain their long lost status (interpret as you wish) and wealth. I am sure there are folk in Germany and Austria who think that there will be a 4th Reich or at least a Reich 3.1. In the USA the Conservatives have a fighting chance, to achieve their goals, in their misplaced trust of the Drumpf. Mind you they'd give the public Kanye West, if they could get enough votes. Their view is that the person of Dictator doesn't matter, so long as his/her craving is sufficient to allow the wheels of power to be steered by the right (Conservative) people... Yes me too
  10. Bubi, Thursday, U.S time, will either put our collective minds to rest, or worry us mightily : LIVE: Supreme Court hears case to decide if Trump is eligible to run for president. The event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 8. go to this LINK
  11. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    Nipples for men. If everything that God does is perfect, then we fellas are meant to suckle. Try telling that to the Bible Belt and their anti LGBTQ brigade... At some point in our evolution, there existed a time wherein males could suckle the young. That can still happen in the outliers of hormonal balance. Everyone thinks that evolution is a grindingly slow process, certainly to get from flat worms to us, it is. To get from our common ancestors with Chimps and gorillas, not so much. and Male mice do not have nipples, male marsupials do not have mammary glands, and male horses lack nipples. The male dayak fruit bat has lactating mammary glands, and male lactation occurs infrequently in some species. So please God fix this, an overnight painless removal of all male human nipples, would demonstrate your existence.
  12. Mr Khan does excel however, in racking up convictions: Imran Khan sentenced to 14 years in prison after third conviction... https://www.stuff.co.nz/world-news/350165532/imran-khan-sentenced-14-years-prison-after-third-conviction
  13. I once saw and still have a vid of a nekked lady at certain canine's "party"
  14. A source, noted in a link, contained in the source, of the previous post Primary source of Steele dossier Igor Danchenko acquitted of lying to FBI LINK
  15. Bangkok, ThailandCNN — A Thai court on Wednesday ordered the kingdom’s most popular political party to end its campaign to amend the country’s notoriously strict royal defamation law, dashing its supporters hopes for reform of the powerful monarchy. The Constitutional Court in Bangkok ruled the progressive Move Forward Party, which won the most seats in last year’s election, violated the constitution through its campaign to amend the lese majeste law. It ruled Move Forward and its leaders, including former prime ministerial hopeful Pita Limjaroenrat, sought to overthrow the constitutional monarchy through their actions. The ruling is considered a blow to the Southeast Asian country’s reform movement and the millions of young people who delivered a crushing defeat to the conservative, military-backed establishment by voting for change. And analysts say it opens the door for further prosecutions to be brought, which could ultimately see Thailand’s most successful party at the last election dissolved, and bans and criminal charges levied at its leaders. In its ruling, the court said many Move Forward lawmakers had campaigned to abolish the lese majeste law, face charges under the royal defamation legislation, or used their position to bail out others charged under it. The court ordered the party to “stop any act, opinion expression via speech, writing, publishing or advertisement or conveying any message in other forms” with the aim to abolish or amend the law. The ruling could now ensure that no party or person would legally be able to push for amendments to lese majeste, known as Section 112, without violating the constitution. “This would effectively mean that the lese majeste law would become untouchable,” said Munin Pongsapan, associate professor at Thammasat University’s Faculty of Law. “The only way to amend it would be to get rid of the current constitution and draft a new one that reduces the Constitutional Court’s power and jurisdiction.” Munin added that such a ruling “would severely violate the constitution itself that it meddles with the parliament’s sovereign legislative power.”.... more at : https://edition.cnn.com/2024/01/31/asia/thailand-move-forward-lese-majeste-verdict-intl-hnk/index.html
  16. Coss


    Another wee story, I was renting a place in Vientiane and the landlord was showing a beast from the states, the next door unit, he asked me if I could tell her what the neighbourhood etc. was like. So I did, but her most important question was, who was and where, did I get my cleaner and cook from... When I told her that I did my own cleaning and cooking and washing etc, she was aghast and said this: "But the whole point of coming here, is to have people to do this, why would you do it yourself?" She didn't take the place. Boy I'm glad I didn't have to live next door to that.
  17. Coss


    Nope - when I was first in Laos I was considering doing something with one or other of the "charities", but the more I saw the less I liked the idea. MLG and family are certainly better for my involvement but that's not a motive, I was suggesting that Farangs can do more good by not entertaining the charity businesses. Yep, I had dinner once next to a table of aid workers, the overheard conversation, curled my toes.
  18. Coss


    My long term view of Laos, having some bits of it, is that eventually (20yrs) the current direness, will improve enough to make me landed gentry. But, the way things are going, I'll be long gone and MLG will benefit. Bugger donating to OXFAM or Save the Children, or other businesses selling virtuous philanthropy, find a lovely person and improve the lot of her and her family...
  19. Coss


    https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/09/laos-is-spiraling-toward-a-debt-crisis-as-china-looms-large.html good read
  20. >>> over US$300 billion in debts owed >>> The liquidator will now attempt to take control of Evergrande assets outside China So what happens to all my buildings they own, but I've branded? Coss Tower, Coss Plaza, The Coss Building, Coss Park Avenue, Coss World Tower, etc etc?
  21. Died doing what he loved plummeting to his death, a one time success. I reckon as the ground gets nearer, time will compress or expand, resulting in either nano seconds or hours and days of time, to observe one's life, either flashing or scrolling slowly, before the eyes...
  22. Yes, that's the name I remember.
  23. A house in Bangkok, deemed to have supernatural powers, has garnered viral attention as it goes up for sale. The supposedly supernatural house costs 33.3 million baht (US$934,500) and claims to see the past and future. Furthermore, allegedly, it can warn of potential dangers and make lottery predictions. A black hole is also claimed to be seen. A Facebook post from the group Second-Hand Houses With Good Deals in Bangkok and its vicinity revealed the supernatural powers within the house and also explained the rules for living there. The owner of the post revealed that there is a strange unexplainable energy inside the house, emphasising that no ghosts are involved. The house in question is located on Krung Thep Kritha Road with an area of 89 square metres. The house comprises three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, two dressing rooms, and a storage room. There is also a parking space for two cars. The Facebook post also stated that the protagonist has lived in the house for about 30 years and never thought of selling it because he has lived there all his life. “This house has some strange energy, but I emphasise that there are no ghosts because no one has ever died in this house.” The owner of the post revealed that he must sleep in the leftmost bedroom. “The bed is on the far left side of the room. If you wake up at 3am naturally without setting an alarm, everything around you will change. The conditions in the bedroom will change. “I saw a picture from my childhood at a location that I had visited many decades ago.” Black hole The owner of the post revealed that from 3am onwards, a large black hole on the wall of the room is visible even when the lights are turned off and it is completely dark. “I have encountered this situation two to three times before. If you come into contact with this black hole, the presence of a strange energy could be felt. This strange energy is expected to be different for each person. “For me, after I had been exposed to the black hole, I put my hands on the pillars of the house and could see some images of the past, like images of my parents and relatives. There were also certain sounds. They are memories of childhood that I may have forgotten about before this.” The owner warns never to enter a black hole. “You can only touch it but not go inside it because you may not be able to come back out again. I think it is a time portal between overlapping dimensions. “If you sit with your eyes closed in the room, like meditating, you can also experience strange energies. At one point, the body heats up as if your soul were being sucked out of you. The owner confessed that he had done this many times but was worried that his spirit would leave his body and never return, so he stopped, reported KhaoSod. Future imaged The owner of the Facebook post also revealed that images of the future could be seen, but only on occasion. “The images that are seen in dreams are things that actually happen. Even the lottery numbers have been drawn before, but it depends on that person’s merit as well.” He also believes that there is some kind of energy that warns family members of an event, for example, warning of any danger that might occur in the future. The Facebook post also mentions who the magical house may be suitable for: People who want to experience supernatural powers that are not ghosts or spirits People who have magical powers within themselves. The house may help your inner power to awaken or increase it People who believe in magical powers Fortune tellers The house is also available through a monthly rent of 330,000 baht negotiable. A contact number is also provided in the Facebook post. https://thethaiger.com/news/national/house-in-bangkok-deemed-to-have-supernatural-powers-up-for-sale
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