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2019-20 EPL Season


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Thus far, and its early days, its the same as last season. Too early to say league leaders Liverpool will win it but they look like it. By far the last season to date has been the best Liverpool side in the PL. I actually think the '02 Liverpool side would have won the league were it not for an unbelievable run by Arsenal the last 3 months of the season, winning every match. 

Anyway, I think this just might be Liverpool's season. Its a 2 club league. It looks like Chelsea and Man Utd will struggle. Both managed by club legends and both not living up to expectations. The recent Man Utd - Arsenal match was a good one to see. Draw being a fair result in the end. 

Man Utd looked ordinary and to be fair, so did Arsenal. Two once great sides, struggling to get back to that greatness it what it seemed like. Sorta like if Ali and Frazier fought after they were past it. I think Arsenal will do better this season. The defense is shit and but the rest of the positions range from very good (strikers) to decent enough (midfield). I think 4th is definitely feasible. Not so much that Arsenal are going to get better and grab it but that Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham will underperform. 

TOttenham is not looking as good as last season and I think it will be Poch's last season with them if they finish top 4 and nothing else. Rumor mill says he is going to Man Utd to replace OGS. I can see that happening. I think he's taken Tottenham as far as they can go. Surprisingly he hasn't won a trophy since he took over. I think he's been their best manager in the PL for sure and among the best managers they have ever had INicholson's early 60s side being the best). 

The EPL is definitely the toughest league in the world I think and I say that with the evidence of both European cups having all English sides in it last season. 

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You seem to echo the fans Munch. I am in the minority that thinks he should be given the end of the season unless he goes all Moyes on us If he must go, my first choice is Rodgers rather than the favorite Allegri. Arteta maybe after that as next choice. 


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