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Students vow to ramp up protests in coming weeks

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Students joining the latest flash mob at Kasetsart University have vowed to escalate their protests until the government is brought down.

"We won't stop here, though I can't say yet whether our next move will be a mass rally or a street march," said pro-democracy activist Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak, who co-organised the three-hour protest on Saturday evening in front of the university's auditorium, which was joined by nearly 700 demonstrators.

University and secondary students have been rallying on or near their campuses every day since Monday to demand change.

Their demands include a rewrite of the constitution and the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.



As someone who was here for both the 1973 student rising against the "Gang of 3" and the 1976 Thammasat Massacre, this makes me worry somewhat. Do the students realise how much  they are playing with fire? In 1976 we even had a shooting on my own campus, and I later worked with former 1976 student protestors at Thammasat Uni myself. I hope it all ends peacefully.

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"Do the students realise how much  they are playing with fire?"

What is the alternative? Let the corruption in the government continue? It was quite obvious that the election was a total farce, and the disbanding of the party (and the timing of it), was awfully convenient for the ruling party / PM.


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