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The big LGBTQ+ wage gap problem


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The latest research into the sexuality pay gap reveals some blistering truths. 

A decade after graduation, college-educated workers in the US who self-identify as LGBTQ+ earn 22% less than their heterosexual cisgender counterparts, according to preliminary findings published in the Social Science Research Network in April 2022. A year after graduation, the earnings gap was 12% – meaning the figure almost doubles within a decade, with a range of forces responsible for deepening the disparity over time. 

Blah Blah Blah Article

You have to read most of the article to find out why, more LBGTQ+ than straight don’t go on to higher education, and the ones that do are more likely to take arts, media, liberal studies etc than a STEM subject.

So it is not an LGBTQ+ issue at all, it is just society as a whole, people who study easy subjects get paid less than people who study more difficult ones, it has been like that since year dot.

I am sick of headlines like this pandering to minorities and making something out of nothing

What next headlines such as “Immigrant Cleaner complains company CEO is paid more” Pathetic 

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