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  1. (Oldie but a goodie) - had a brain scan the other day, they found nothing! Hope you've recovered Munch - marble's fucking hard isn't it??
  2. 60 - not that old.... plenty of Aussies remember him too.
  3. There is more support in England for Scotland leaving the United Kingdom than there is north of the border, according to a poll for The Mail on Sunday. Scots do not want the English to meddle in whether they end their 300-year union with England, but English voters are much keener to have a say in the matter. And the main worry of Scots appears to be that cutting their ties with England and Wales will leave them with less cash. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2086833/Scottish-independence-More-English-Scots-want-independence-Scotland.html#ixzz1je58ZpQ3
  4. But the dislike for Clinton was over how he claimed to be against the war, when he really didn't want to delay his entry into high paying jobs. If you believe his autobiography, the first time he earned more than the missus was when he became prez. Then again, she was a lot smarter at school/uni/college than he was too so it makes sense
  5. While I'm no expert in US politics, is in now a prerequisite to have some kind of military service prior to becoming president?
  6. Yeah true - as a species we are getting less tolerant, but I still fail to see why a person wearing a swastika to a jewish school in the US or elsewhere would not expect a flogging. Tolerance works both ways, and if one was to do that (wear a swastika to a primarily jewish place) - IMO they would be looking for trouble. And yes, we all realise the original meaning of the swastika was peace, love and all that crap. But to the majority of westerners (as per the example), especially Jews - it means something entirely different, and I personally wouldn't blame them for being offended if that person was being obviously deliberately inflammatory.... if that's a word.
  7. Yeah it could - but not at a Jewish school or area, regardless of the origin, the one wearing it would end up bruised.... and rightly so.
  8. Yum - my tomatoes are starting to colour up now... not sure if I mentioned it last year, but they are positively prizewinning! All welcome.
  9. Definately one of the greats seemed like a great guy, and any mash fan will agree - played the part well.
  10. good idea Mekong - all the best with it all mate, I know how hard these things can be
  11. Heard a journo down under once make the comment.. "Politicians aren't voted IN, they're voted OUT" - and I agree. Whoever is in opposition (be it in Oz, the US, UK anywhere I guess) will continually remind us (Jo Public) that they would have done things better. When whoever is in charge stuffs up enough - the other side get a run.
  12. Watched "Walk the Line" the other day - good story, and some good acting in there, but what a bunch of pricks everyone was! Glad I illegally downloaded it!
  13. I am FORCED to pay for this, so I will use it or give me all the money back, with interest...WTF!! The railroads have a far BETTER retirement plan then SS!!! Great news for the railroad workers. Not sure what it's like in the US, but any Superannuation/Pension scheme should be better than social security, as the aim of SS is to give those on hard times something to fall back on, NOT to fund a retirement scooting about southern france on holidays. Re SS. What would you propose happens to the sick, the weak, the poor old people who lost all their savings/pensions when some lunatics flew into the Twin Towers? Let 'em rot?
  14. Going to the park with little Red - gonna smash that play equipment

  15. Leading on from the top 5 BKK bars.... What's your top 5 bars in Pattaya? It can be a gogo, a beer bar, a massage parlour. It can be a hotel bar, or some old katoey selling beer by the side of beach road. It's been at least six years since my last visit to the kingdom, and probably longer since I've been to Pattaya, so my list is way outdated. With an upcoming trip, I'd be interested to know your top 5.... Here's a few I remember... 1. Flinstones. A little beer bar at the bottom of soi 8, owned by a great guy, the girls were great fun and always knew where to find a good feed. 2. The beer bar with the woven cane seats.... about half way up. Fast Fred, or whoever he's known by these days, took me there one night (pretty sure it was my birthday), and coming from BKK, I assumed they closed at 2am... many beers later (some jai dee lads kept ringing the bell) the sun came up and we just kept going. I just made breakfast at 1130 at the hotel. Awesome time. Sidenote - best head job of my life from a lovely surin lass who I didn't even catch her name 3. Some gogo - I was drunk, it was hot, they had airconditioning 4. One of the "discos". There was Marine, and another one... I think it was the other one. Not sure, but there was about 8 of us (plus girls), and we were going nuts. Oh what a night. 5. Some crappy little beer bar near Pinewood Apartments. This was back when the boy scouts were in town. Pinewood was one of the only places with rooms (Xmas/NYE), which cost a bit but the rooms were awesome, and the food spectacular. Close proximity to Sabai(?) massage turned out a blessing too. There was a crappy looking beer bar nearly, with even crappier looking grandmother girls, but they were fun and always good for a laugh when I felt like a beer or three before hitting the town with the now infamous, "London Contingent" back in the day. Ahh the memories. Plan on reliving some of the better ones soon. Please share your thoughts/top 5
  16. ... plus the alternative (Opposition Leader, the one with the big ears), was born in England, so we were up the creek either way..
  17. Have a good trip mate, go nuts
  18. great story choc steve... Saw Gran Torino myself not so long ago, and like you it reminded me of someone.. Quite a touching movie IMO
  19. Snoopy Vs the Red Baron, "Up in the sky the little blah blah, " great song, next fav was bicycle song, growing up with two older sisters I knew all the beetles etc, prob why I hate them.
  20. saw black sheep (NZ) last night.. Horror/comedy about a bunch of genetically engineered sheep in NZ who go feral and start killing people... Great laugh and pretty well done. Love it when ppl take the piss out of themselves
  21. 2000 - my first trip, and I'd yet to discover soi 10
  22. Using mines would be a military act and that can only happen if we are under martial law. We probably would be in trouble with International law if we use mines. No shit ... pretty sure the US is amongst several countries who have agreed not to use landmines again. Love it when people from a country pioneered by immigrants start talking about closing the borders. Better chhange the sign on the sstatue while you're at it.
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