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  1. These are like finding centuries-old lost scrolls. I believe this may be MaoMark's final piece before he died alone. He was unrecoverable at this point but, man, it is eerie how his writing mirrors the spirit of some of these trip reports... "More drunbk and it is daylight" (MaoMark, right before he passed away ~mid-2003) Drunk, they drink to Me Again again I am writing here because the boredom feels in me like a fog. I am heavy, heavy in my heart, my body and my breathing. The hot air today makes life lasts feels in me like a blanket. I will not seat inside, because here
  2. Yeah man, hit me up when you’re in Hong Kong. My contact info is the same as it always was… As far as THE UA875 – talk about times-they-are-a-changin’ – United Airlines gave up the Narita/Bangkok route. Fucking Sacrilege. Riding that flight was half the fun of going to Bangkok – talk about the freaky freaks. A circus at 39,000 feet. It all reverts back to my original ramble post – Bangkok has become a different destination. Apologies to FJ for shamelessly, albeit unintentionally, hijacking this thread. Here’s some MaoMark from 2003 – sounds quite like your time in S
  3. Well put Coss, I especially liked your last line about government, and IMO corporations as well, interference ruining the day-to-day. Part of the reason I rarely head back to the States anymore.
  4. Yeah, your report resonates… I don’t post around here much anymore but do occasionally lurk. You know, could be because the Gulliver meet-ups ceased a loooong time ago and the stories from back-in-the-day were more carnal and lively. Can we ever forget board members having their new digital cameras lifted (duh), the extremities of a NEP dance contests, the endless 32 days and counting threads, Mentors’ bizarre world of anything and everything, blow-up dolls named Yukie, the sadness of MaoMark? My Bangkok visits, although fun and frequent, have become drawn out, methodical - some would e
  5. I land late evening on the 16th of September and should be out and about by midnight at either Cowboy or Nana
  6. Hi - Please send me a PM, I may be able to steer you toward someone
  7. I have known Steve for years, consider him a friend, and can vouch for his integrity and professionalism.
  8. Really good stuff, enough to even wake me up. Wish I had all this knowledge when my employer sent me out to China now and then... Xian really is a neat place, I have fond memories of riding a tandem bicycle (with my wife) on top of the wall surrounding the city, seeing the terracotta warriors, eating in the old Muslim section of town, et al... but fucking eh I feel like such a loser to miss out on what you experienced. As far as Shanghai, that card has Japanese characters on it so I suspect you will get the occasional honkie passing through, certainly a few of us from this board should ma
  9. I thought I was THE bloke from Japan...
  10. Tragic indeed. And to pass on in his native Spain. If writing his life's story I would have imagined his waning moments occurring in Bangkok where he would have been mysteriously buried leaving those who followed his preaching to wonder if he was gone at all. Very much like Elvis or Jim Morrison? Well, this explains the weird and fuzzy feeling I had standing outside the entrance of NEP at closing time two weeks ago. I know for sure his spirit channeled itself into me that faithful evening. I will always treasure. I know Mao?s disciples still roam amongst us whether it be at the Kasb
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