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  1. My experience has been with various couriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS, depending on the customer). A friend of mine owns a business importing clothing from China into Thailand via sea freight. She has a customs broker who makes sure everything goes smoothly (no doubt involving some 'tai-toh' means) and is ok. I have a far worse time of it with my small courier packages than she does. Cheers!
  2. I've also had many issues with excessive customs duty. My first experience was when I sent over a carton of my clothes from the US to Thailand after just moving here- and was asked to pay 5000 Baht for the honor of receiving my old underwear and undershirts. I refused to pay and told them they could have the carton... and it wound up being delivered to me at no charge a week or so later. The customs folks seem to be *very* opportunist. Worst experiences were a flat metal disc around 6' in diameter (spare part) worth about $2 for which we had to pay 4000 Baht in duty as it was needed in
  3. Those are plasma screens... Very very expensive! Saw one for sale in the Sogo Amarin mall a while ago for 400,000 Baht. Not sure who is in with the government to supply these things but they're doing well for themselves. Saw that there are now plasma screens all over the airport, even in obscure locations in the domestic terminal.
  4. Perhaps Cosmopolitan is right... you need to relax and not be a nervous wreck! :: Guys don't have that problem- if a girl would keep asking me if I had an orgasm (in a man's case, the question is have you had an orgasm YET) I wouldn't be nervous, just think it was odd that she was either overly concerned or in a hurry to go somewhere. Fits in line with some guys thinking that every girl dreams about a guy who stays 'interested' for 12 hours of non-stop activity, thrusting and grunting away the whole time. Reminds me of a story of a friend of mine here in Thailand. We have
  5. I think you're on to something there, though it's funny- it seems like people somehow know much more about Smeg's view on nightlife than what I can grasp from reading some of his posts. The replies are often quoting a deeper meaning than what he actually wrote, linking it to his short time in Thailand, his ability to *gasp* sleep with girls for free, his bad experiences with BGs, and so on. That's part of the problem with divulging information on here. People would certainly typecast me in one way or the other if they knew more about me. "Oh he's just another young yuppie type" "Oh he
  6. Controversial thread, eh! The answer to this is no. Of course people will start trying to confuse enjoying the experience (including being paid for it) with the sex itself. So the question should be, "Do the girls enjoy the sex so much that they'd otherwise do it for free with the same guys?" A resounding no to that one. Some of the girls do enjoy sex quite a lot, regardless of the partner it would seem, but 'some' is not 'most'. This leads to... Some girls come easily and the majority come with effort and some almost never at all. It's the same with the infamous an
  7. Cool story!!! My US licence will expire soon so my Thai license will be all I have! I read somewhere that International licenses are valid everywhere except the US. Does that mean that we have to show our locally-issued licenses? I can't think of an alternative... Cheers!
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