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  1. Rather quiet on the home front.
  2. So here we are a year down the track - and all still here. Credit ! Tough times - tough FORUM!
  3. The future of this board rests in our hands. Support or not. Khunsanuk should you require financial assistance, then post a request. I for one will assist. Regards all.
  4. Kiwi


    So here we are - a few hours away from the Quarter Finals. So it’s decision time - where to go to watch 320 minutes of rugger. The Kiwi bar in Soi 8 looks good - anyone watching there? Have fun lads👍
  5. So it was one of those miserable weekend weather days - had worked in the business for 15 hours the day before - placed a coffee on the table and threw on an oldie- “Papillon”. Still a classic still a pleasure to pass away 2 odd hours. Have forgotten the number of times I’ve enjoyed this movie- it’s been a few times however.Took me back to my earlier days - and my earlier days of visits to LOS. Movies do that at times - sometimes yes sometimes. Have you seen The Third Man? I shall throw that on one day - ol man Cotter ! In the mean time I am planning my final days here before tryin
  6. Kiwi

    Departees !

    Please tell him I send my regardsí ½í±
  7. Kiwi

    Departees !

    No - ever tried to see Myanmar again. Am pondering a time in Cambodia - there are many positive comments from folk who have tried the life AND STAYED. I currently reside in South Africa - the hurdles ( life) here are many - some just appear to be just too high to jump.
  8. Kiwi

    Departees !

    I have enjoyed this board over the years. Travel is part of my DNA . Many of the chaps here have posted info which I have ( thank you ) used in my travels. Places to go - and not. I made note. I am sure by now I could pen a paper script which may interest a few. On one occasion - a mate and I decided one night ( ( in a Bangkok Bar ) to visit Myanmar . The posters on this board made note of the bird flu in Myanmar. I canceled this trip and flew elsewhere. Good advice. And as I have noted the the postings - I've also noted the posters. So here I now pose my question . So many pos
  9. Go buddie go! Have all the fun your heart desires !
  10. Seasons greetings to ALL. From here in humid SA.
  11. And how many of our Board members have passed on ? Do you Sanuk have a page of remembrance? So many no longer here - sadly.
  12. Perhaps so! However I prefer the pleasure of a no stress mind at night - rather than the physical joy of two minutes in THE STARLIGHT.
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