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  1. > Gonna´╗┐ shamelessly plug a project I've been involved with over the last several months, a sattelite´╗┐ launch! Congratulations. The target was made, still had another ten days to go... ...and is still receiving contributions!
  2. Hi Mekong, Please try to understand that a millisecond response is not required for a LoRaWAN solution to a particular problem. The football stadium installation is far more than adequate to use LoRaWAN to solve the problem and took four man days to complete. Would you care to hazard a guess on installation cost along with man days to complete an infallible system - which is far in excess to solve a simple temperature monitoring system? Also the following link demonstrates how LoRaWAN was used effectively to track a jogger's progress. Imagine trying to do that with a hard-wired system! https://supiet.tk/sensors/gps-run
  3. Hi Mekong, As mentioned by Khun Sanook I have no financial interest in AmbaSat.com. I was given two Sensor prototypes. The WiFi sensor was setup and connects to Khun Sanook's Dashboard and has worked without problems for over a year. The LoRaWAN Sensor, installed nearly a year ago, connected to a public gateway installed at a university 5 Kms away. The sensor is set to sleep for about 20 minutes then awake and transmit data to the public gateway. The gateway transmits data to my site via TheThingsNetwork. The LoRaWAN prototype had two faults which have now both been fixed. First was excessive battery consumption and when the batteries were failing the programmed sleep period was ignored which accounts for the one minute between readings. The site, graphs, data, etc are purely for my benefit and I have no customers, in fact I have disabled the site's email to minimise junk mail. [off-topic] I run a Virtual Private Server that cost 5 USD per month and host about a dozen sites, most use a Freenom.com free domain name. This is one of the sites also for my benefit and not associated with the Book Shop: "https://dasabookcafe.tk/" [/off-topic]
  4. http://dasabookcafe.tk/
  5. The graph is now working ok after new batteries were fitted by a friend. I have not been able to get out for the past couple of weeks due to a fractured femur. Temperature sensor on the balcony facing the sun. It's hot outside! https://supiet.tk/charts/bangkok-office
  6. I am not aware of the technical details and curious to know they are important? No doubt an email to AmbaSense detailing the envisaged environment would be helpful. I have both versions, one connected to TheThingsNetwork and the other connected by radio to my router. Both free versions were for testing the global connectivity of the dashboards. Price I think is below 100 USD each. Email for a quote. The latter's Dashboard: https://www.ambasense.com/dashboard/device-view.php?id=b446263c-6026-11e7-818e-06d107ac4d7a
  7. Hi Mekong, Many thanks for the references which highlight the elusive point I cannot seem to impress but I will try again... The link refers to well over ten year old standards and only the last couple of penultimate paragraphs hint upon the progress made in the last two years. Similar to a ten year old solid wheel that has recently received pnuematic tyres, suspension and the ability to transmit while underground, submerged or as a satellite circumnavigating the globe. AmbaSense.com Case Study: It took two guys about two days to install over 100 fridge and freezer sensors, and three gateways into the third largest UK football stadium with a 75,000 capacity. The second guy held the ladder for pole mounted gateways. Each sensor has an embedded, unique identifier and data commenced transmitting instantly to the Cloud Server as soon as gateways and sensors were energised. Recent annual maintenance took about a day to replenish sensor batteries. Perhaps the installation was a leading factor in maintaining their top premier league position Three features I especially like about this recent development: a sensor can connect to all in range line of sight radio gateways which relay data to the TheThingsNetwork Cloud Server at no cost. No need for a PSU! Proprietary gateways can be installed to connect to one's own server. My personal sensor was programmed and posted from UK, batteries inserted here, connected automatically to a university gatewayabout 5 Kms away. Link: https://supiet.tk/charts/bangkok-office The second is the case study option. Your thoughts?
  8. Hi Mekong, I was disappointed to read quite a few of your assumptions regarding the sensors, which can do umpteen other tasks beside monitoring just temperature. It appears the recent Https://TheThingsNetwork.org is a new concept of which you are unaware. In a nutshell a battery operated sensor transmits information which is received by gateways. The mains connected gateways then transmit data to TheThingsNetwork server. Data stored can be accessed in a variety of ways such as their own dashboard or downloaded to KhunSanuk's dashboard. KhunSanuk examines and manipulate the data and if the anticipated data is not received in 30 minutes an alarm, SMS, mail is sent. Needless to say minimum and maximum exceedences have the same effect. Otherwise pretty charts can be displayed. One of the most important features is that the building housing the refrigerator could completely disappear into a sinkhole or be swept away in a flood and you would still receive an alert while sunbathing on a beach. No UPS is required because of the infrastructure which can be seen in the following image. The transmission range between sensor and gateway is phenomenal and has already been demonstrated with a single sensor in space transmitted to hundreds of gateways around the world. If you are still in this particular field of work then I would certainly take an in depth look to investigate how this inexpensive system could overcome or be cheaper than current installations.
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