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  1. A warmup for what ever happens on the 10th? And OH, not matadors costume! Suit of lights, please!
  2. I will be back in may. No gin post tequilas tho! I gotta specialize! But I will be packin fine anejo when ever!
  3. Yep. Paid for GFs new tits with 14 of em. Took a few weeks for the bank to release the funds. Gave us a photo copy of each one. God I hope the SOB banging her now is enjoying that gift!
  4. YEs, every morning. Usually an egg with chicken fried rice (her version of the mother and child reunion) which is very tasty. Sometimes leftovers from night before. Yogurt is always available in the house with some nice juice and virtually undrinkable coffee. Next trip will introduce a coffee press and good coffee into the kitchen! OOPS. Not by GF. Breakfast is made by #1 daughter.
  5. If they are in bikinis next trip, I am gonna sit there in silent protest. Night, after night, after night.... And in retribution I am gonna cut the bottoms of all the hotel towels! That will teach em!
  6. Says MadStockBroker: Says El_Tel: [color:"black"] Very hard to tell them apart. [/color] I believe that one of them has a ring through her cunt.... Maybe that is my watch. I wondered where I lost it!
  7. Ahhhh, ib13. You misunderstand. I never went the same girl twice there!
  8. Never got to the yellow line! Every time I went there I knew who I wanted as soon as I walked in. Well, once before I walked in, as I saw her outside, just pulled her in by the hand. (2 hours later she was a very surprised and happy taxi driver! But that is another story. ) So everytime Marc or his (now) wife asked if I am ready for the line up, I say no need. I WANT HER! It really brings romance back into the scene. As I follow the 2 up the (never ending) stairs, I can always anticipate and wonder... Now how does SiLeakHunt so elequently put it????
  9. Says ib13: yeah they ok not bad - especially as a 3some :hubba: only 1 of them easily take it up her arse though, but the other makes up for it with a mindblowing BJ technique... just too bad they just want 'up to you' money only! come on don't be shy just take them out & you can easily find out na khap Now that is stange! When I went with them (met up outside so I wouldn't have to pay BF), it was the other one that took it easily up the ass, and the one you said did that was the one that gave the excellent BJ. Maybe a career change for them? Same-same up to you money tho.
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