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  1. Last trip I brought back about 20 pounds of beads I bought for next to nothing. You can buy them by the kilo at several places in the market area near the Indra Regent hotel (near Pantip plaza). ST
  2. Says silvergoat: Spector - you install it on a box (or network) there's no trace of it (no icons, folders in the registry - and you password protect it) - and it basicaly takes a snapshot (up to one a second), records all keystrokes, and captures all internet mail (yahoo, hotmail), and every single wesite visited.. I?ve heard of programs that keep a hidden record of keystrokes used on a terminal and the ?Spector? program you mention really worries me. How can you check to see if the machine you are using has this spyware installed? Wouldn't it show up as a running process with task manag
  3. This is really not directed at you Mr. Coops, just glad to finally see some new additions to this thread. Anyway, Mozilla browser Ver. 1.4 is now available (news to me) and it?s supposed to have an improved popup blocker along with many other fixes over Ver. 1.3 (which worked fine for me). Figured what the hell, so upgraded the other day, but don?t see much difference other than it now strips the pictures from my BBC world news homepage . Oh well, I guess that?s progress? ST
  4. Thought I would pass along another program I?ve been using the last few months that I find most useful ? Cupernic 2001 basic. This freebie is an amazing net search tool that utilizes no less than a dozen other search engines simultaneously to find what you are looking for. Also, it?s a breeze to step out of and back into to continue your search without starting over. Definitely a must have utility. ST
  5. I just found one disatvantage: It only works with Internet Eplorer 5+ That?s too bad it only works with IE. I use the Mozilla browser and find eCleaner (also a freebie) works fairly well for saving HTML files as plain text, but it does have an irritating tendency of dropping spaces here and there... Anyone know of something that works better? ST
  6. Soongmak, Thanks for all the good info. Another source for anti spyware is www.spywareinfo.com/downloads.php (not all freeware). Also, (oops!) I incorrectly stated the program with the option for disabling Microsoft Messenger at startup. This is a feature contained in XP-Antispy V.3.71 (see above link) - this program has many valuable features for those running Win XP. ST
  7. For freeware try www.answersthatwork.com for some excellent programs which are adware and spyware free. I went through a very nasty adware infection several months back and getting rid of this shit nearly drove me crazy! I was finally successful and now do regular cleanups using the following programs: Ad-aware, Xp-AntiSpy, Spybot Search, Xcleaner, PestPatrol, MRU-Blaster and BHO Demon - all are free or have free versions (a couple of these already mentioned). Two other useful programs for managing your system startup are StartupManager and CodeStuff Starter. One of these (I forge
  8. For quality screen captures try Mr. Captor 2.3. This program is fantastic and even snatches scrollable screens. I used it to capture the bahtbus.com maps in vertical bands and then stitched the resulting BMP images together using Panavue Image Assembler (another great program). I?m sure there are better ways to do this kind of thing, but this method worked and with excellent results. Free trial versions can be downloaded for both.
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