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  1. Try Bamboo in Soi 8 - http://bamboobkk.com. The rooms are not the best but the girls are very open minded...
  2. Interesting piece by Stickman yesterday in his weekly on lady drinks. Have to say I agree. Bar girls, not just in Soi 4, have become 'drink mercenaries'. Of course the main reason we go to a beer bar is for the eye candy and a bit of banter with the girls. And it is fair play that the bar girls have to make a living. I don't blame the girls viewing lady drinks as a better alternative to a bar fine and spending time under the sheets with a farang, but equally if we are going to pay inflated prices for a bottle of beer that makes the bar a margin of around 100 baht the bars should at least invest in some quality eye candy and better interiors. There are some horrors parading as bar girls. One bar that used to have a good selection of eye candy should be re-named "Cellulite and Stretch Marks". It puts me off a beer when a aged lump of lard barely constrained by lycra thrusts itself in my face and refuses to leave unless it is fed a drink. The bar formula is flawed. Not just the lady drink farce but the whole concept. Some bars have furniture falling apart and toilets more akin to Bangladesh. You'd think that bar owners would have some basic business acumen and an understanding of customer service, but many don't. Beer prices are always increasing, usually without any justification. One bar regularly increases its prices when the competition does even though its costs aren't increasing. This is just greed. Surely if a bars cost's are stable, and another bar increases its beer prices then if it kept its beer prices unchanged it would be more price competitive. But the business sense of some of the neanderthal bar owners is comparable to a suicide bomber trying to sell life insurance. Running a bar is not rocket science. Pay a decent wage and they will attract decent eye candy. And if the girls receive a decent salary they will be less mercenary, which will make them more appealing to punters wanting to have a chat with them. Oh, and reinvest some of the profits to replace the worn furniture and put some decent plumbing in the shitters. There are of course some well run bars in Soi 4 with attractive girls, pleasant inviting interiors and good customer service. But unfortunately these are in the minority.
  3. Having read 4be2's comment on Bar 4 I went to the bar last night to see if the comments were justified. It was quiet compared to other bars in the soi and lacked the happy atmosphere of my regular drinking bars, but apart from that it seemed ok. Not my type of bar but in these hard times I wish it well as I do all bars.
  4. Went to Kiwi last night around 9pm to watch the football and was told by the staff that the police had just been round and told them to stop selling alcohol, yet all the other bars in Soi 8 were openly selling alcohol. Preferential treatment perhaps?
  5. Hi Guys I've not seen many recent posts on Soi 4 bars so I thought I'd add my two satangs worth of comment. My personal current favourites are Strikers, Stumble Inn and Zen with all these bars trying to add something different to the bars in the soi that have become same same copycats over the past year or so, i.e. big open bars playing the same music and showing the same sport on tv screens. Strikers has a great layout, happy fun bar girls, diverse music and coyote dancers adding its differential factor. Zen also has a good selection of fun girls and a band playing in the evening as its 'plus factor', and Stumble has good drink promotions, food, a fine line up of bar girls and live acoustic music at the weekend. So these are my favourites, what are yours?
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. I live in bkk but spend a lot of time travelling around Asia for for work. As the saying goes, no money no honey
  7. Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand. (Woody Allen)

  8. Hey 4be2, I'm new to this forum too... are you in bkk at the moment?
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