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  1. A perfect storm of a lull in work and air miles that had to be claimed provided the opportunity for a quick return to Bangkok yesterday. First stop was Strikers, my favorite bar in Soi 4. The bar was by no means busy but what I like about this bar is that even when there are few customers the girls still try and have fun. Unlike some other bars in the soi where the girls just sit around yakking with each other and checking messages on FB with glum faces the Strikers girls provide a genuinely happy atmosphere in the bar, which is infectious. It is difficult not to have fun in this bar even
  2. Rice prices should be left to market mechanisms. The only value of auctions is when there is insufficient investment in supply to meet demand, with the auction providing a marginal cost of production. But if there is no supply-demand imbalance, there is no need for auctions.
  3. Has the new agogo opened where G Spot used to be? Heard a rumour that it will be a lounge bar... that could be fun
  4. This is an interesting topic. I found Bar4 one of the worst on the soi. Had 2 or 3 drinks there once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Girls generally unatractive day and night and looked disinterested. I am no Brad Pitt but consider myself ok.Pesty service staff who barely served you your drink before they repeatedly kept checking to see if it was empty and music excessively loud. The bloke always propped at the entry had a look like he'd just lost a million dollars that didn't belong to him. Can't say I will be rushing back. Hillary 4 I enjoyed. Good girls but service somewhat pushy
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I am probably as mad as the next bloke. Not living in LOS but it is on the list. Currently based in Oz but visit at least once a year.
  6. Hi New to the board although I have checked it out from time to time over the last year or so. Just wanted to say howdy y'all 4be2
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