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  1. People travelling into the kingdom these days must either have a very very good reson or a tendency towards masochism. Apart from the known current obstacles there is always a fair chance for further local restrictions. And on arrival back home in your beloved home country another 14 days might appear on the menue. Coming back from Portugal 3 weeks ago our government had just declared it a high risk country involving 14 days quarantine, vaccinated or not. Travelling by car I would of course have given them a proper story but by plane no good.
  2. Domestic air traffic between BKK and the Phuket sandbox shall exercise a sudden death on July 21st due to something having been declared Red Zone. No good. Unless many people got their vaccination every possible plan remains pure phantasy, which includes all other countries on earth. - Wear a mask - Wash your hands - Avoid people - Do not fart noisily in public
  3. The most lovely Pam, currently based at home in Vientiane, received 2 Sino-something several weeks ago and now thinks she is going to die from Covid any minute. Like with Astra-Zeneca many people now are afraid from touching Sino-something which is a big nonsense. Doing nothing means a much bigger risk than Sino.. or AZ.
  4. I am saying it is far better than nothing if you can´t get the best. The BuBi laboratories are currently buzy developing a vaccine against messing up penalties. The instruction manual comes in English.
  5. Sir, if with utmost respect I may once again clarify what these percentage-numbers could mean: " If a vaccine’s efficacy rate is 80% it doesn’t mean 20 out of every 100 people who get the jab will get a symptomatic case of Covid-19. Instead it means there will be 80% fewer such cases compared with the control group. So if , say, 1% of a control group of 1,000 unvaccinated people develops Covid-19 over a certain number of months, that means 10 people will get ill. With an efficacy rate of 80%, only 2 people should get sick." Just for the record, the BuBi- mantra. Somebody might put it
  6. That Covid19-thing is a never ending tragedy as long as not maybe 80 % of all people received 2 shots or possibly 3. The choice until that has been achieved is either to kill the economy or your people. The Netherlands waived all restrictions 2 weeks ago and now numbers are exploding. The same will happen in the UK after July 19th. Many men seem to think that low numbers mean the virus is dead but it just sits behind the tree and waits for a victim. I do not follow the Thai tourist opening schemes any more, pure phantasies. Instead of buying Chinese submarines the Thai government should buy tr
  7. Analysing Cav´s post again there might be a possibility that Cav thinks milk prices go up with crude oil prices because milk is made by Exxon et al. Kind of white diesel.
  8. Try to explain the relation between Biden, the Democrats and high fuel- and milk-prices. ( You won´t be able to, but I am just asking) A gallon in Germany would cost you average 6,72 USD by the way, more in France. The following will show the influence of President Trump´s presence on milk prices https://www.statista.com/statistics/236854/retail-price-of-milk-in-the-united-states/
  9. Sir, nothing could ever stop me from supporting the General´s unselfish efforts to reestablish tourism. I have therefore deeply thought and may now introduce the Bangkok fuckbox scheme. Vaccinated tourists holding proper insurance and cash could spend 5 days quarantine in Nana Hotel with daily excursion over the road into Nanaplaza strictly accompanied by qualified nurses selected by the Thai Tourist authority and the owner of Happy Girls Massage. The quarantine can voluntarily be expanded over a period of another 5 days if the tourist wishes so. What do you think? I am sure it will attra
  10. I have analysed this breakthrough on the way back to fully functioning tourism. I count 26 official- or semi-official individuals looking at arriving passengers. There should be more in the background, maybe somebody could contact the phuket authorities to verify the real number. They have even chosen one military person although after thorough evaluation seem to have selected a representative of lesser hight not to frighten incoming tourists. Possibly a general moved to inactive post after having been caught in a corruption scandal. ( Personal guessing). One person is spreading his
  11. Yes, fully vaccinated, and with what? Mekong whittky? Adding all national forecasts for this year you may arrive at a 2 years production if nothing goes tecnically wrong, and then you have to bring it to Lek and Tip in the woods.
  12. Because of Brexit. India considered as British territory once control has been fully brought back under Viceroy Paul I (Gascoigne), here walking ashore near Bombay naval base. Red bellybag contains nomination docs.
  13. Reading my morning newspaper I came about this: Australia obviously succeeded in keeping the infection rate very low following drastic measures. Further I read that just about 5 % of the population received a vaccination so far. So I thought WTF do these people think where they are living? Lock up Australia for ever to keep the virus out???? The day in future they open the borders that virus will have days of pure joy hitting all the unprotected individuals. Says the hairless oracle-monk and prospects are bad. He ain´t wanking or what do you think?
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