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  1. I agree on all acounts. If only Biden would establish a reasonable person as vice, there would be hope for many people. Maybe the new female superstar, I forgot her name. Boyfriend is a football hero. Tylor Swift, now I got it.
  2. Gentlemen, mentally supporting newly discovered shoe-designer Donald Trump I may proudly introduce the very first Bubi´s Mar-a -Lago workout sneakers, heritage edition. Submission price just 289 USD, freight prepaid. Colour is yellow with black stripes, thus representing an aggressive tiger of some variety. Cash payments welcome.
  3. Mr George, many a people keep on writing about various experiences which they claim to be " the best I ever had ". There seems to be an inflation of these events. You talking about some place at Soi 11 I do not know about I may praise an open air Soi 7 restaurant on your left which does not exist any more where a friendly female manager introduced sticky rice with mango or mango with sticky rice, so far unknown to me. What a wonderful surprise, free of charge for that matter. What a sweet memory, although not the best I ever had, there are others.
  4. The good thing about Annie´s has been the possibility to have a quiet beer not being bothered by anybody. Which does not mean I have ever been there but somebody might have told me. Soi 7/1 appears to be a hardcore salespoint for sexual activities, no like.
  5. Years ago Obama asked justice Mrs Ruth Baader Ginsburg to resign due to her age and bad cancer. Reason was he wanted the opportunity to install another non-conservative justice. She refused and Trump welcomed the opportunity when she finally died. Battle lost due to stubbornness. Joe Biden same same I fear.
  6. Gentlemen , the solution comes here : Possible future president Donald Trump of the United States of America now starts selling tasteful golden sneakers . Another approach to join the needs of the working class at 375 USD a pair. No doubt it will further encourage the Trump sect to vote for this pure piece of shit; other than brother Mekong I am a USA-Supporter since God knows when and therefore include old Joe Biden in my evening prayers to beat this asshole. Of course I don´t pray in the evening but principally I could.
  7. Trump will nontheless now spread the news that the Federal Court found him not guilty of promoting an insurrection and now it is officially declared that he is innocent.
  8. According to what we get to know from inside there seems to be a tendency to rule in favour of Donald and after having studied the mutual arguments there might indeed be reasons to support the Trump-camp although it makes me vomit if I look again at his yellow face. This is after all a process to identify what the law says and not a political decision. Please note my words are full of wisdom as usual.
  9. Sir, if Donald would be told to fuck off, only a Federal Court with a conservative majority would be able to say so. A "democrat" ruling would lead the USA into the second civil war I guess. My prayers are with the court tonight, although a decision would take some more time. Maybe their kind of questions would give some idea where they are drifting. May the Lord give them wisdom.
  10. "Former President Donald Trump said Sunday he would consider imposing a tariff upward of 60% on all Chinese imports if he regains the presidency. " Oh yes, which would his redneck followers community make paying happily a probably 40 % ? surcharge on anything that Walmart and friends have on offer. 2 years ago I though this idiot would never make it again but if the Amellica people want it like that: up to them. Oh Holy Lord. Correction: Donald confirmed in the meantime it would be more than 60%
  11. That´s right, we are of one opinion as usual. You might have noticed that my nocturnal event has never made it into Thai TV, neither the Post nor the Nation. I decided to refrain from publishing to save Thai tourism from serious damage. Millions of Chinese might have cancelled their holidays in fear of lifelong diarrhoe and worse.
  12. The person on the left on the signpost seems to be peacefully snoring and did probaly collapse due to work overload as a member of the Thai police or security guard at the nearest BTS station. Which does not count as sunbathing and consequently a 500 Bht fine appears to be unjustified.
  13. A similar event never reported about happened at the Surawong end of Patpong II about 20 years ago when a German tourist after having left Strip Bar decided to enjoy dinner around midnight at a makeshift sidewalk restaurant. Said tourist after dinner took a taxi bound for Soi 8 but suddenly had to jump from the vehicle, run into a near park and take a dump behind the bushes. Having read about the tragic event with the girl from Singapore I wish to offer my compassion towards this lady as well as my heavily delayed apologize for having polluted a probably sacred environment.
  14. I just watched a video where some Iowa based Evangelicals confirmed that Trump has Godly principals. They really said that, did they mean to say goofy?
  15. Nobody said that Mekong said that anybody ever said that nobody said that anybody else said that no watchtowers were manned nor annually maintained by nobody. The truth. I read in the newspaper that the wise Thai government has now withdrawn the possibility to sell cannabis anywhere. Quite a move.
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