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  1. Well, I'm gonna be in Vientiane, Nong Khai, Udon and Chiang Mai in the coming days. Anyone around those parts?
  2. Fiery Jack? Old Hippie is crying out form him in the shout box.
  3. Hey KS, Flasher. Thankfully not kidnapped! Still in one piece. Got back from Quetta last night. Picked up some US Army 'surplus' boots and stuff while I was there. Cheap as chips. Now I'm heading back to LOS and it looks like I could be heading from one war zone to another! I'm really looking forward to getting back to LOS, especially since I'll be on a long break, with no idea when I'll be working again, or what I'll be doing. Where are you these days Flasher?
  4. Sounds good, Mekong. Will you be in Pattaya?
  5. Hey all. I'm wrapping up here in Pakistan in under 2 weeks and heading back to the Land of Smiles for at least a couple of months (before heading back here for a holiday, maybe K2 base camp). Anyway, I will probably be in Bangkok in mid-March, then Laos and some beach action in the next 2 months. Hope to see some of you in the not too distant future. Cheers, Fidel
  6. I wonder how many Thai guys end up dead because some cop wants to shag their girlfriend! I was involved in an incident in a bar in Hua Hin a few months ago, some pissed off punter tried to start a fight with me and then bottled my friend. We had to go to the cop shop to file a report. The next day I went to pick up my driving licence, which they had confiscated the night before for some strange reason. My girlfriend of 5 years was with me, the head cop told her she should avoid Farang guys, since they're nothing but trouble. He said I'd soon get bored of her and find a new girl. I tho
  7. Hi Jungle Soup. Great News! I'll be in Bangkok some time in early to mid September. Let me know if you'll be there around then.
  8. Same here. They gave me a form stating that I was free of elephantisis, leprosy, alcoholism (dunno how they determined that one) and psychosis. Nice to have.
  9. Nope, not from the US. The tests were done in Bangkok. Is it common for health insurance policies in the US to cover HIV&AIDS?
  10. You're right JS. I shit myself for a while. Had my first HIV test a little over a year ago, along with a bunch of other tests. The doctor went through all the tests one by one, telling me that all the results were fine. She never mentioned the AIDS test until I asked. I was beginning to get paranoid, so I asked her... "Oh, she said, of course, that's negative". I actually let out an audible sigh of relief.
  11. And on the bright side, a report released a few weeks ago. [color:green] German Scientists Develop New Approach to Treating AIDS: German scientists have succeeded in snipping the virus that causes AIDS out of human cells, leaving them healthy again. The procedure is a breakthrough in bio-technology and fuels hope of a cure for AIDS. The laboratory procedure removing the AIDS virus used an enzyme, said Joachim Hauber of the Heinrich Pette Institute for Experimental Virology and Immunology in Hamburg. "We have rid the cells of the virus," Hauber said on Thursday. "No one else
  12. Hey Chris! Nothing much to add really, I think other posters have said it all. You're approaching this with a great attitude that will make all the difference. In any case, as you said earlier, you feel ok, I'm assuming you look fine, as long as you take the meds and look after yourself you'll probably live as long (if not longer) than many on this board. Thanks for sharing this with us, and for giving us a kick up the arse, you certainly have my respect. Chin up bro!
  13. I was just chatting to my mum, and it turns out that a girl I used to know from my village in Ireland, was in V Tech, in the building next to the where the shootings took place..
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