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Bikinis in bars?


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I can't speak for others, but I certainly don't waste my "precious" time in gogo's anymore watching gals in their goddamn bikinis. What's the point?



I'm with you, if i want to see bikinis, i can go to the beaches :onfire:

Why i should visit to go-go bars on these days? :: I missing the good ol' days :dunno:

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Guest lazyphil

<<Most i see are wearing thong bikinis, [color:"red"] sometimes with the little lace skirts over them. [/color]>>


Now this is far more sexy than nude :hubba: ;). IMHO

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I guess people differ on this one, I also like to see a bit of flesh - I find it entertaining. I also regard it as the reason why I am paying 120 baht for a beer that should be around 50. Perhaps now for the airconditioning - and the pleasure of breathing someone's cigarette smoke. Maybe for a bit of slap and tickle.

In reality, I think I will be on the bus to Pattaya or the plane to Samui all the ssooner.

I don't need the 'shows' with the razor blades and reptiles, or the dull body painting and girls in a paper garland (only) waggling their fingers. But if there isn't much to 'see', I may as well 'hear' in a Pattaya beer bar.


And a message for the moderator. On a multipage thread, the link at the bottom of the page, that says "show all", must undoubtably be changed in these days of covering up.... :clown:

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