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An Unbelievable 10 Hours in Pattaya


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I generally stick with girls who fit my 'low-risk' profile: no tatoos, peircings, don't drink, smoke, non-aggressive. Any figity behaviour, foot or finger tapping, I figure a good candidate for ya-ba use and move on ASAP.

Excellent advice from WorldWalker. I always try to find these B/G's. Just safer I think.

Although these days trying to find a poo ying in Pattaya without a tattoo is getting tougher. frown.gif" border="0

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Been coming to Pattaya for 15 years. Have lived here for three, and never had even a hint of trouble from the girls or farangs... apart from the time I balked at a taxi tip for a girl who'd been a particularly lousy lay. I spied my toothbrush the next day lying on the roof of the building 4 floors below my window! Served me right for being a tight bastard.

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I don't really see how Pattaya differs that much from Bangkok in the ways you've mentioned, and I think you make it out to be more morbid that it really is. Yeah, I've heard some rumors, but I think they are mostly just that. I had to laugh when I read an article in Maxim magazine last year about Pattaya. If you belived that Pattaya was such an amazingly dangerous place as they tried their best to make it out to be (w/o arguing their case very well I might add), you'd have to be crazy to come. I just thought it was funny sensationalism. Sex and danger are a pretty good way to sell mens magazines...

Pattaya has it's share, probably more than it's share, of 'sad fucks' who have dropped out of life. I tend to belive the overdose stories - they don't happen that often. There are some people here that are killing themselves. If not quickly with guns or heroin, then slowly with booze, cigarettes, and unprotected sex. Fortunately they don't pose much danger to the rest of us.


Originally posted by the g:

I have always thought that if you knocked a farang off in Pattaya, you would have a good chance that nobody would find out. Consider the amount of lies told to family, wives, girlfiends, friends, work involved in getting a man to Pattaya!!

Pattaya is a bit of a jungle in that its not a one for all, all for one sort of a place. Its more of an every man for himself kind of place.

I once read a travel guide that said "...fleecing tourists is big business in Pattaya."

But, a lot of single men come alone to Pattaya, usually with a pocket full of cash and their fair share of abondoned dreams and sad regrets. Lonely guys. Seems like an easy target. No-one's going to miss the fat bastard at home anyway.

I realise its a bit morbid, but I've heard the rumours as I'm sure most on this board have. We've all heard the one about the German who couldn't face going home so he shot himself, and about all the 'accidental' drug overdoses in Pattaya. Publicity is not exactly what the Pattaya police have in mind.

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