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1 am closing in Pattaya


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I just came back from Pattaya and seem that another crackdown has just started there. Thursday all discos have been closed before 2am. Yesterday was even worse; the whole walking street has been shut down by 1am sharp. I just ordered a drink in Tony?s and even couldn?t get my change as everyone rushed outside. The Russian manager told me that a new police chief has arrived and is playing the though guy. He expects the early closing to go on for 1-2 weeks before everything will hopefully become normal again?.

Even the notorious Jenny, Performance, Luck and JP bars near Marine did not play music and stopped selling booze at 2:30; pool tables were shut down as well.

Looks like that the social order crusade hasn?t dried off and they proofed that if they are really serious they also can do it in Pattaya.

These days Pattaya has many young guys coming for party; they were really pissed off last night. If this shit is going on for months like in Bangkok they won?t come back. Definitely not the right time to be there for a 2 weeks holiday?.

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Looks like that the social order crusade hasn’t dried off



I am afraid it's about time you guys stop thinking that it was supposed to dry off. Now, it's been on 4 years, and not just a sign of a new administration, a sign of things to come and stay.

Some things have unnerved me too on the past trip, but frankly, with all the herds of asian tourists planned for the next decades, they could not care less if a few 10 000s expecting farang revellers/tourists stop coming.


An hint: drop the big nightlife spots, and go to the Provinces. You may waste a day or 2 to find your way around, but the % of young women is still favorably in your/our favor, and they go out, like snails after a rain! ::.

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AhTeckLim said:

i was there for songkran too and also saw the crackdown. but the 'paying' bars were allowed to open till 2/230 am. Only the enterence lights were off


Right it started the Sunday before Songkran with Luzifer being forced to close again before 2am. But at least the hotel discos stayed openen until 4am and Tony's until 3am. Many open air bars in Walking Street played music until deep into the morning.


But since Thursday it is strict 1am closing. As I returned to Bangkok I don't how the situation was tonight. Anyone has first hand information? 1 am really pisses me off

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I dont know why they dont enact a 1am lockout in LOS : if you leave after 1am, they dont let you back in, but patrons who remain in the club can stay until 5am. I'm sure this wouldnt please many board members, but surely its better than the current situation ??


When they introduced the same system here in my little burg to combat late-night assaults, people were worried that the streets would be full of aggro drunks who couldnt get back in to the funhouse, but it has actually had the opposite effect - less aggro in the taxi queues etc. Of course, it does help if you have a large Police presence in the first few weeks of the scheme, but surely they have enough cops to enforce it in Thailand.


This would put a kink in the whole bar-hopping ethos for those who dont venture out before 11pm, but the solution is simple : start at 7 ! :elephant::chili::elephant:





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