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Where to buy Digital camera Thailand or Net?


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I would like to Sony new digital camera mvccd300. It retails for $1000 in stores, and the internet price is $789 and falling.

I have heard that Pan tip plaza is great for software, how about digital cameras. Anyone how prices? Thanks providing this forum. Mushroomheadprik@aol.com null

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I'm sitting here with an Emporium catalogue that came in the post last week. The digital camera section doesn't list the Sony model MVC-CD 300 you're interested in; just in case it helps these are the ones it does list: ($@45):

DSC-P1 ß35,990 $800

DSC-S75 ß35,980 $800

DCS-P30 ß17,990 $400

DCS-P50 ß21,990 $489

DCS-F505V ß37,990 $844

MVC-FD92 ß33,990 $755

MVC-CD 1000 ß49,990 $1,111

MVC-FD97 ß42,990 $955

MVC-FD87 ß28,990 $644

MVC-FD75 ß18,990 $422

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Thank you, for checking. Now, I'll mostly buy the camera on the internet,cuz looks like they don't carry the model that I want and the ones they do are priced above internet prices.

Mushroom head

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