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A tale of two bombers


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Lest any of you doubt that the mass media is following a very specific agenda (demonising Muslims to boost the war in Iraq and erode personal liberties), just check these two stories out:


Story 1. The Scrapbook Terrorist:

The court case of a man accused of planning to attack multiple targets in the U.S. and Britain, despite the evidence to indict him amounting to no more than scribbles in a notebook, has again made world news headlines on the eve of the mid-term elections and on the very day Prime Minister Tony Blair went on the offensive over ID cards in a news briefing.




Story 2. The largest ever haul of chemical explosives found in Britain plus rocket launchers plus nuclear biological suit... not reported in national or international media:


Two men were arrested last week after police recovered a "record haul" of chemicals that could potentially be used to make explosives.


The police also recovered rocket launchers, BNP literature and a nuclear biological suit. The chemical components recovered by police are believed to be the largest haul ever found at a house in Britain.


The arrests were covered by local newspapers and the news quickly spread to internet blogs. However none of the national media have yet covered the story, prompting many to question the silence given the headlines if the arrested were British Muslims.




Now tell me there's no mind control going on here..


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