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Hi to all, I am new here. Does anybody know about a reliable HI SPEED INTERNET access Thai company? Which cities does it cover, rates, type of connection (DSL, cable… wink.gif" border="0

I’d like to know, because that would enable me to work parttime from Los and that would sure be nice! My apologies if this was covered in the past, searched last two months and did not find anything. Thanks.

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There was a good write up in todays Bangkok post inthe DATABASE section about the new high speed accress.

They are launching a satillite network and will cost 30000-40000 installation plus around 1000-1200 per month. Prices are expected to lower in 2003.

take a look in todays (wednesday) post on line and it should have it

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I've just changed to DSL using Qnet. I'm paying for 64k up and 128 down - downloads are much much faster. I need to contact them though, since often clicking on any link will not produce any activity. Sometimes it's ok, then it seems like connection is dropped (although this should not be the case with DSL). Should be good though....

plus some sites i have tried to log into were inaccessible, some could only be accessed by changing the programs default port. It's not perfect then....

Note that for any DSL connection you will need a TOT phone line (they're the inefficient, slow, national phone company). If you don't have one, expect to wait a month for one...

As well as Qnet there is UBT ( www.ubt.co.th ) who also have shop in Siam Discovery. They can tell you about coverage from your Tot phone number.

DSL including ISP is about 28 B/hour, pay for blocks of time, at 64/128. Higher speeds are more expensive. As mentioned there are unlimited packages available at a price....

Cable modem is starting - see www.asianet.co.th . However, there seems to be a big effort to make pricing as ridiculous as possible. Last i heard it was. 900B/month - always on blah blah blah. Oh, but you only get 30 hours of internet time for that (?????!!!), ok, so how much for more hours? 40B/hr - aray wah? And what's this little print in the add, about downloads from thai web sites being free? ah, so you have an extar charge per 100MB of download from elsewhere, marvellous.

BTW Loxinfo was pretty good, try it first and see if it's enough for you at 56k.



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re: coops above.

DSL is not always conected if your ISP is using PPP over Ethernet PPPoE. This has become the popular conection scheme as it helps ISPS to ration IP numbers and also makes it more difficult for the client to run a server on their side.

Cable has some problems. One as more users subscribe the per/user bandwidth decreases. Two security if I am not corecct your data is visible to other users on the network as it passes back and forth to the ISP. Which mean that a malicious user on your subnet with sufficient disk space and IP_FILTER could monitor other users

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