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Thailand and Internet connections


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If you have a telecom asia direct line than you can get clickTA unlimited internet access. The basic service is 250 baht/month.

There are two other types of service. 350 and 500 baht/month or some such.

At 250 baht/month, you will get disconnected after being continuously online for 2 hours (the higher priced options gives you 3 hours).

I do not think you can get the ClickTA promotion if you do not have a Telcom Asia direct line.

I have recently been informed by a friend that Asianet (the people who do ClickTA with Telecom Asia - atleast I think it's Asianet) currently has a promotion for ADSL. 1,300 baht per month and you get the modem/LAN card for free. This is second hand info and I can't vouch for it, but it's the information my friend got when he called up to find out about it.

At that rate, I'm sure it's the 128k version. Wish I had a Telecom Asia direct lnie!


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