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  1. Really horrible news. Marcel was a very decent fellow and genuinely one of the good guys.
  2. I'm no fan of Russell Crowe. Seems to be an arrogant hot-head. I did quite like Romper Stomper though. Remember that one, Coss? Caused a bit of a furore when it was released....imagined it would be even less well-received now.
  3. How is Rusty doing? There's a fellow who was a good laugh and lived life to the beat of his own drum. How's he doing these days? Has he maintained any connections with Thailand?
  4. Both of these men are married and have family back in NZ. They're brothers who worked in the family business. Multiple reports in the local pres said they have travelled many times through Asia. My best guess as to what happened is that they saw a police checkpoint and decided not to stop because they didn't have motorbike licences. This was beyond dumb. They were chased and things escalated from there. What they did next was pure madness. You really get the impression the Thais are fed up with misbehaving foreigners and they could be sentenced to a few years behind bars. The maximum penalty for the most serious charge is 7 years and, amazingly, it seems they wish to fight the charges. That seems like a dumb idea. Plead guilty which comes with an automatic discount on sentencing and get it over and done with. Fight the charges and the sentence might get ugly. Whatever way, I can't see them being back in NZ with their families for some time...
  5. My old 2014 Macbook Pro, which I keep as a backup machine in case my main machines dies, can't be updated any more....or rather the updates are simply security fixes. Haven't been able to update the main OS for a few years. My iPad must be 4 or 5 years old. Can still update it ok. Will wait for the standard iPad to get an OLED screen and will upgrade then. I use my iPad way more than I use my iPhone (5 years and counting) so will upgrade iPad before iPhone.
  6. You must be one old dude now, Mekong! 4.5 million hours is 513 years
  7. I get the feeling the bar scene just doesn't have that addictive nature that it used to be. Where once those who were flying out from Bangkok were already planning their next trip and trying to work out how they could return as soon as possible, these days the impression I get is that the best times in the bars are very much in the past. There might just be more fun looking backwards than forwards.
  8. WTF did the USA health industry have to do with it?
  9. Dave had his leg amputated because of the complications of diabetes. He had the big toe from one foot amputated in late 2015. The wound never healed and despite some of his imploring him to seek medical treatment, he did not. In 2018 or 2019 (I cannot remember which), he had two more toes off the same foot amputated. Again, the wound never healed and he did not seek medical treatment despite many people insisting that he did. Not long after COVID broke out, Dave returned to the UK and some months later he developed a very high temperature. A doctor came to his home, saw the state he was in, called an ambulance and he went to the local hospital. He ended up in a university hospital where after a couple of operations to try and save the leg, they were forced to do a lower leg amputation. That wound didn't heal so they had to take more of the leg well above the knee. There was an infection in the bone which apparently is very hard to treat. Osteomylytis or something like that it is called - and is apparently a consequence of uncontrolled diabetes Dave's amputation was nothing to do with Covid and I never said it had anything to do with Covid. It was all as a result of diabetes that he had been diagnosed with years earlier but which, very sadly, he never took seriously. Dave complained about issues with Covid and I said that I agree that there are various health issues due to Covid as well as the Covid vaccine. I did NOT say Dave's leg was amputated because of Covid. Never said that at all. No more comment from me on this and if what I have written here is stuff you disagree with or dispute, drop Dave an email and ask him.
  10. Dave lost his leg due to the complications of diabetes. There have been issues with the vaccines which many experts say have contributed to various health issues.
  11. Probably one of the biggest complaints I get is that the site has too much nightlife coverage. *Many* readers say they don't want nightlife coverage at all. I think you'd be surprised at what people make of stuff.
  12. In the end your boys played well this morning.....looked a lot better than the All Blacks. Horribly boring match though!
  13. Crap tactics from a crap coach. But let's be frank, the current band of All Blacks are not a shadow on some of our teams from the past. Some players are barely international level and some should have been put out to pasture years ago. Oh, and the captain is shit too (although he didn't play yesterday).
  14. I agree entirely. Relations between Aussies and Kiwis at an individual level are excellent. The odd idiot (on both sides of the Tasman) aside, it's always been pretty good. When I said that I didn't think Aussies would be up for New Zealand merging with the country, it was not so much at an individual level but in terms of New Zealand not being nearly as strong as Australia economically and New Zealand would require more from Australia financially than Australia would get out of the deal.
  15. Can't imagine many Aussies would be up for that!
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