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Need to Free Space on HD!!


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Whew boy there must be some easy way to do this!!

My computer only has 2gb HD with 9mb left. My programs are constantly telling me I am running out of disk space.

What kind of crap is taking up space? There seem to be a lot of Windows accessories and things that I don't use. In the past I have deleted things with W98 cleanup and had problems afterwards.

Help. I need more space.

Zane May

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Hey Zane,

Here are some ideas:

- clear your browsers cache

- eliminate all files in c:\windows\temp that are older than say a week (sort them descendingly by date to see this)

- empty the recycle bin

- uninstall unneeded software

- delete the directory "Windows Update Setup Files" and its contents if you have one.

This should free some needed MBs for ya smile.gif" border="0 Defragment you disk when you're done cleaning up. Your PC will now be a bit faster too smile.gif" border="0

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Don't forget to check the settings for your swapfile. If it's too big you uses up too much space from your HD, if it's too small you'll get the 'out of memory' all the time.

You can use DriveSpace data compression to enhance your harddisks capacity (it almost doubles the capacity, but I never used it).


As you said you don't shutdown your laptop very often, just do so and boot again before you delete/change/uninstall something. If you can, do a backup.

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Originally posted by BelgianBoy:

May I humbly refer to your previous thread where you were singing the virtues of the Mrs. Zane......

Suddenly, she is taking too much space !!!

Aaaaah women !!!!

[ January 10, 2002: Message edited by: BelgianBoy ]


May I share my own saying with you:

A good woman is like a good car. Lubricate her regularly and warm her up before using and she will provide many years of faithful service.

In Mrs. Zane's case, it was just a maintenance issue. She's not "high maintenance" but she does require some.

Thanks for all the suggestions boys. I used most of them and have adequate free space now. The biggest savings was by deleting Netscape, a program that I never use.

Thank you.

Zane May

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