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Net Cafe between Nana & Thermae on Suk ?


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I stay on Soi 11 at the GP and hotel internet options are not satisfactory ... anyone recommend a couple of good net cafes in this area ?? ...



Hourly Rate?

oh, and if they've got hot girls working there? ... lol ... kidding on that one.

Thanks in advance ...

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on Ambassador Plaza Hyperlink has about the fastest connection (ADSL)

1 Baht/min for members

faster connection (T1) at Times Square (opp. Soi 19), good if you want to download pics, expensive though (3 B/min)

slow 56k modems for about 25 B/min are everywhere in Bkk

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The Grand President began offering DSL in April when I was staying there. I didn't try it as I was at the end of my stay. I can't remember the rates, (I posted 'em on the old board I think) but I recall they were reasonable. You may want to email 'em for details.

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