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  1. If I want to buy a condo when I am not in Thailand: I suppose i need to give someone a power of attorney, notarized in the country where I am now. And an authorization to access my bank account (has to be done at the embassy of the country where I am now), otherwise there is no way to get the necessary FET (formally TT3). Any experiences?
  2. Most hotels don't, especially if you just stay one night, and especially cheap hotels.
  3. They do. A guy who is here on a BoI visa now is GPS tracked by Immi. They didn't implant the tracker yet, just forced him to install a GPS tracking app. He installed it on a second phone which is lying in his toilet 24/7. Google's (or whoever they use) Algo wil find out soon enough, and then the next logical step will be an implant.
  4. iuytrede

    CBD Oil

    I used 2 brands of CBD oil recently, against pain. First brand had no effect at all. Second brand had only one effect: I feel the urge to eat 24 hours non- stop. Doctors will tell you that CBD without THC doesn't help against pain.
  5. Finally got my DL. Had to pick up residence certificates at CW because they were not able to put my correct address into their system, so mail didn't arrive. DLT at Banjak sent me away, quite unfriendly. DLT at Mochit were friendly and helpful
  6. Not the 90-days area, but next to it. B counters, used to be J counters. Not packed, but slow
  7. As i said before, CW will give you a residence certificate only if you have done a 90-days report. A TM30 seems to be ok, too, but as TM30 is usually not done in Bangkok you run the risk of being fined for not doing it earlier (and your landlord runs the risk of having to pay taxes). The desk for residence certificates changed, it is now the one for reentry permits. They made me wait 150 qeue numbers. Plus I had to wait again because only the boss does residence certificates. 200 baht without receipt. I am waiting for the letter now. But they wrote down my address in a very
  8. Wrong. No girl ever called me lung. I would expect them to call me lung, but they don't. Why they call me po?
  9. Happened to me twice in chat. Never in spoken conversation. It obviously doesn't mean sex is out of the question. No girl ever called me ลุง. Can someone explain this?
  10. Jaeng Wattana didn't give me a residence letter because i hadn't done a 90day report. I didn't need a 90 day report because i traveled abroad before the 90 days were up. And I will travel abroad again before 90 days are up. And again... So they told me they will not give me a residence letter. Residence letter in their opinion requires 90 day report.
  11. iuytrede


    No limit on hours but limited speed. I tried 1000 kb/sec, it is fast enough for everything except big downloads and HD movies. Every provider has it, usually 399 B/month. Line works very well even with a speed of 256 kb/sec (except video calls).
  12. iuytrede


    Some corrections: Line does have end-to-end encryption. Servers are not in Thailand. It is leaky, though. It is the messenger app for Japan, Thailand (penetration 95%) and Taiwan. Main difference to Whatsapp: the cute stickers, and Line needs less bandwidth. Sending pics is much easier with line, it's a pain with Whatsapp if you are used to line. Line still works if the signal is very poor, even phone calls with line work where Whatsapp doesnt work anymore. Line was developed for Fukushima, after all. Groups work better with Line. Nowadays it is unusual and a bit weirdto exchang
  13. I was home for a while too, this year. And I was very much surprised that Bangkok is not really cheaper than Germany anymore. Some things are cheaper, some things are more expensive - in the end it evens out. I bought one big ticket item in Germany for which I had been quoted a special price of 10000 USD in Thailand. I paid 8000 USD in Germany, regular price. Oh, and my kebap vendor in BKK just raised the price from 60 Baht to 75 Baht (as you know, there is deflation in Thalaind ). Not cheaper than in Germany.
  14. are you kidding? now lets compare prices in Bangkok with prices in the most expensive city of Germany: room rental for housing with simple Western standards (ie concrete walls less than 50 years old, simple western style bathroom, central heating in Germany, a/c in Bangkok etc) not in the inner city, but not far from it, with decent public transport, 40 sqm: BKK 15000 -20000 THB MUC 500-800 EUR = 20000-32000 THB local public transport per month BKK 3000 THB (BTS, MRT, buses, motorcycles) + 3000 THB for taxi as public transport in many places is so poor MUC 59 EUR = 2400 THB b
  15. the green Superrich always gives the best rate. Only one shop., opposite central world. Low overhead. Very low spreads. The orange Superrich has many shops, eg Bts Prom Phong or even upcountry. These peripheral shops offer much lower rates. The flagship shop opposite central world has good rates, sometimes - especially for USD - as good as the green Superrich. Never better. They split several years ago, different business strategy. Green and orange are the colors of their website.
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