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Buy PC in LOS ?

New Petchburi Pete

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I need a new computer. I know PC's are very

affordable at Panthip; but, what about the

quality of the components? ... would need

good land line for internet access.

Should I go with a Notebook from The States

and carry with me?

I mention "notebook," because I am not sure

about my telephone connection. When I get there in July, I will have access via molbile

phone; but, I might move to a place that has a good quality land line to save money on

internet access. Any comments?

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Pete: Are you moving there?

If so, then if you need a laptop, buy it in the US. Cheaper. I hear second hand laptops are decently priced but I generally don't go there.

Either way, I'd get a land line. Mobile internet connection will probably be a pain. Don't worry about the connections, I believe they use the same connections, worse comes to worse, just by a cheap internet/modem card for the laptop (won't be necessary though, the built-in modem should be fine).

As for desktop stuff... If you are the kind to put your machine together yourself, you should not be worried. Quality components are to be had in Thailand at good prices. Talking ASUS, ABIT, etc... Motherboards. Hard drives (IBM makes drives in Thailand like others, although my last IBM gxp was a big dude). Video cards, standard stuff at decent prices. RAM, etc...

If you buy a computer at a shop, I'm sure you can specify the quality parts, but I'd check it under the hood to ensure what they say is what they did.

Good luck,


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