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Surin Question


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Did she explicitly refer to the "bar scene" or have you assumed so since she talked to you with what she knows are, for you, familiar terms ("LTs")?


She could be referring to the many students who in the bigger provincial towns hook on the side to support their studies (this is not something foreigners are usually involded with nor very often even know about, including many so called know-it-all expats who keep comparing a country which they hardly know to their own... OK rant over and not referring to you of course ).


The setup usually revolves around just one or very few sugar daddies/sponsors but sometimes they have several "regulars" whom they get in contact with through what in many parts of Isaan are known as "mee sais" (mamasans of sorts, usually older girls who have stayed over in the trade).


This is very interesting post - I think you are on to something here. She alluded to what you describe.


We know each other from a bar and she knows that I know bars, so you may be right about her describing this in terms I am likely to understand. When we meet, however, it is at a restaurant or a pub and never in a go go bar. She also knows that I like to meet with her when I don't want to go to go go, but instead want to have dinner, a glass or two or wine, and then some sanook before going to bed no later than 10 pm (quiet workday evenings.) She also knows I get bored of the bar scene.


She says she has some sort of internet cafe somewhere up in Surin that is frequented by students. Is this consistent with the mee sai profile?


I have not heard the expression "mee sais" before, but it makes sense. I suspect she wouldn't be overy offended if I jokingly referred to mee sais, but to get the tones right, would you be able to post it here in Thai script


This is very interesting. Thanks.

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I am more curious than timid. She piqued my curiousity - she is telling me things about a part of Thailand I don't know at all. Hence, my questions here and elsewhere.


I am certain that she has no problems with me providing her with investment capital, but I cannot see how this will lead to that happening. There is nothing to fund here, or at least nothing that I would consider funding. But she may not understand that.




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p.s. This 500 baht LT punter scene she describes is from a Thai punter aspect I am sure. The Thai guys pay 500. The farang guys are still asked for more, depending on your looks or gullibility quotient, usually much more. Have heard quotes up to 3,000 LT.

Bht1,000 + as a rule.

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