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Surin Question


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The classic old debate...Is she...Is she not??


I think this was the subject of SD's Phd.... :neener::neener:


...Titled... A Tiger's colouring book....Shades of "Grey" in LOS...55555555555555


Lucky it's not a couple of nights ago!!! Maybe I would be starting a "War"...LOL...


Cheers DS :grinyes::dunno::grinyes:



What shades of grey? theyeither sell pussy for money, or they don't sell pussy for money...I include "bartering" or "trading" pussy, or the mere promise of future pussy in this as well.

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Fishing is great! I am due for a Salmon and crab trip myself soon! Married life is o.k. It has it's ups and downs...sure I have a great piece of hard bodied 19 year old ass with great C-cups to :dunno::banghead: :hubba: play with, but on the other hand, I am also raising a teenager...so well...

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Thanks. I had dinner with my source again last night (we both enjoy Japanese food and wine). I suspect she is putting a spin on Surin's allures, and I also suspect there is a financial reason for why she is doing so.


She is no fool, her financial situation is fairly good for a semi retired BG (she has a car, property in Surin, a 7,000 Baht a month apartment, a minimart over on Ekkamai, etc) and I suspect her relatively secure financial situation is no accident. Because she actually knows a little bit about wine (she can name several wines she likes, which, IMHO, is rare of a BG) and knows and enjoys Japanese food, I suspect past (and perhaps present?) sponsorship.


I was treated to a fairly transparent lecture on the importance of gift giving at the beginning of the New Year in Thai culture. It was pretty easy to guess what she was hinting at, but she was clever in her delivery. It started off like something you'd hear at a Siam Society meeting.


She was a good enough to pique my curiosity - enough to post here, and possibly even venture up to Surin, although I would do it independant of her. Maybe go up when she is up in Surin, and then call when I am few hours away - even if she is not there, it is an area of Issan I don't know well.


One thing she said which may be true is that there is a large population of Farangs in Surin. She said over 100. Does that sound plausible? Pattaya has thousands of Farangs, but does it seem likely that this one province in Issan has over 100 Farang residents (of course, I am not sure what she meant by residents either).

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Cent is closer to the "action" than me....although he has ..."Driven me home" on a few occasions....lol...

...It's a LONG 12 km's...


From what I know 100 would be rather conservative...JMHO....Cent????


Also...she is not alone in having a "Taste" for Red wine & Japanese food....lol...


I have a "very" good friend that now has a quite good understanding of red wine...especially Oz Reds... and Loves Japanese food..


Cheers DC

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There are, according to the most recent farang census numbers I saw last year, 535 farang living in Surin and surrounding area. 56 of these people are Americans. There was a breakdown of Yanks, Aussies, and 'other' Europeans. Mainly German and Scandis I think, with a lot of Brits as well. I've met a few here and there.


I believe the farang numbers in Buriram to be much larger. Only reason I can see why is the wives coming from that area. I find Surin a much nicer city, nicest in the lower Isaan area I have seen, though there are some picturesque (sic?) cities and towns around the area Surin has it all really for a farang to live, much more so than the other cities up here. I just wish the powersa that be would start flying into Surin airport again, but due to the large farang presence in Buriram it seems they would rather use the Satuk airport for this area. It is a newer nicer airport, but an hour's drive for me, whereas the Surin airport is five or ten minutes from my house! :(


But yeah, your friend is right in that Surin is a cool city with quite a few farang around now. Ten years ago there was hardly any farang. It has its pros and cons, definitely some pros. :) If you are going to live in lower Isaan and don't want to live in Korat I'd give Surin a look see. And for a visit it is fairly central to all the obvious attractions in this area. Khao Phanom Rung (yeah it's just out of Buriram, but), Khao Phra Vihan, many more ruins, the silk village, the silver village, the basketry village, the elephant village, the waterfalls on the border, a close border crossing for visa runs (Chong Chum), a couple of newer casinos for those that like this, a few massage parlors, a couple of agogos, a newer 'coyote pub' but that seems to have closed-at least for farangs? Etc. 3 good farang owned and operated restaurants, The Farang Connection, Noi & Norbert's German restaurant, and The Oasis a smaller restaurant run by a Scandi guy (that has good food actually- and great single serving pizzas). Lots of good Thai bars, restaurants and venues, and a great big Tawan Daeng place that is really a fun joint, cheap, friendly, and with some great live music nightly until aroiund 2 a.m. (and right around the corner from my house).


If you ever get up this way give me a yell and I'll show you the town. Oh, and there are a few decent hotels around too, the Surin Majestic which is fairly new (located right near the bus depot), the Thong Tarin which I prefer still, and the Petchkasem hotel in the city center (near the train depot), and a few smaller ones as well. The 3 major hotels will run you around 750 baht a night.



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I had dinner this evening with a semi-ex BG, and she was going on about the tremendous punter opportunities in Surin. She was so enthusiastic about Surin that I was wondering if her new job was with TAT - lower Issan division.


To make this more concrete, she cited 19 year old stunners - students - availble for LTs at a mere 500 Baht. I am skeptical, but she produced enough smoke (merely for purposes of blowing it up my ass?) to pique my curiosity. Can anyone here provide a credible description of the Surin beer bar scene?

Did she explicitly refer to the "bar scene" or have you assumed so since she talked to you with what she knows are, for you, familiar terms ("LTs")?


She could be referring to the many students who in the bigger provincial towns hook on the side to support their studies (this is not something foreigners are usually involded with nor very often even know about, including many so called know-it-all expats who keep comparing a country which they hardly know to their own... OK rant over and not referring to you of course :) ).


The setup usually revolves around just one or very few sugar daddies/sponsors but sometimes they have several "regulars" whom they get in contact with through what in many parts of Isaan are known as "mee sais" (mamasans of sorts, usually older girls who have stayed over in the trade).


I have spent my years in Thailand mainly in Pattaya but have lived quite a bit of time in various parts of Isaan as well and this has been one of the better sources of first quality young pussy I have ever come across in LOS.


To "get in the game" you have to spend quite a bit of time in a place (a couple of weeks, let alone a few days, won't do it) to know someone who can give you the right contacts (speaking Thai is a must). The best towns are of course the ones with a significant concentration of high schools/universities (I don't know how Surin scores in this regard) and the girls are "facilitated" into this by the fact that they most probably come from one of the countless small villages surrounding the bigger provincial towns so they are playing "away from home" where nobody knows them. Besides, apart from the ones acting as a "proper" mia-noi, they don't usually spend much times with the guys (almost invariably older, richer, married Thai guys) and especially not in the open and their encounters are mostly made in those very discreet "love hotels" I am sure you have heard about.


You said that you think your friend might be making a career transition, BG to mama-san, and I think that could be exactly what she was trying out talking to you about that stuff... I would take her up on her offer and see where it goes, if it's what I have talked about it's definitely worth trying :thumbup:


Also, if that's what she was talking about, it would be pointless going there without her 'cause you won't find it, on your own. The right contacts are the key here and also the reason why most don't know about this.


Two things, though, sound a bit "off":

1. LT = it's usually ST (but LT still possible if you become a sort of "regular" or more "proper" sponsor)

2. 500 baht = it varies a lot but it's usually more than that, especially for "one-offs" (not much anyway, at least few years ago when I was "playing the game").


I can say I have experienced most of the many forms in which the P4P comes in Thailand, and this one, for my tastes, is definitely one of the best... :)

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